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    What to buy - Music mostly but also for HT

    The good news is. that DT's don't need much power with 8 ohms impedance, and 92 db efficiency, not to mention it's built in powered subs, you can reach high spl levels with 50 watts/channel.However since it's bipolar, it will need special care to set them up.Personally I would use electronics...
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    *** Official BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Discussion Thread

    ...for Oscar considerations.
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    FS: Stryke Audio Av-12 subwoofers

    I didn't get your email, and till now I couldn't find this thread,?! Anyway I'll get back to you soon via email.Thanks!
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    Stealth is LOUD.

    I saw the cover in the store, it said "fullscreen" same on the DVD itself.
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    2005 War of the Worlds 11/22

    I listed In N' Out because it's fastfood chain!!!!! I didn't list it because it is the bast burger place, however it kicks butt compared to the other joints I've listed with the other movies.So Greek diners serve burgers? What's next a gyro at the taco stand? :D
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    SVS single vs. dual woofer box subs

    Naturally lower tuning means longer port, so yes size should go up.
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    PB12 plus 2 or PB ultra 2?

    I don't know about upgrade program, but they do give a discount to previous SVS owners.Best to contact with them.
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    Are There "Positive" Political Films?

    If they were showed on too much on the "positive" light it wouldn't come accross as realistic to me. Yeah, not too big of fans of their "kind". It's funny you asked about this. EW just had an article how Hollywood avoided political themed movies after 9/11.Now they have a bunch in the works and...
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    2005 War of the Worlds 11/22

    Jurrasic Park, WOTW = Mickey D's Raiders........=Carl's Jr. Jaws, Close encounters.........=In 'N Out Burger. ;)
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    PB12 plus 2 or PB ultra 2?

    First of all, all plus driver models are backordered,something to keep in mind if you're in a hurry like me[I've ordered the +/2 anyway]. 2. Pretty much everybody who either heard or tested both are more fond of the Ultra subjectivelly speaking, it also measures louder at 20hz and below, but...
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    Frequency waterfall charts of a few familiar favourites

    I just tried the DD and I must say that the DTS is indeed a different soundtrack all togheter.Either they had "dumbed" down the DD or "sweetened" the DTS, but they're nothing alike. ALA SPR
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    LFE Demo

    Yeah and if you don't have amp limiters built in and HPF in conjunction with it, this might be the last movie your sub will reproduce, if you blast this at near refference levels. You've been warned!;)
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    OH MY GOD! My SVS PB12-Plus-2 is now AWESOME!

    Calibration is one thing room correction is another. All subs benefit from room correction, be it electronic or "accoustic". To me a PEQ is essential tool,and it had been in use over 5 years in my house. Don't use a sub without it.! :)
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    Stealth is LOUD.

    Well my local DVD rental place only carry the foolscreen version,so I have to pass on this.I'm more partial to the other Jessica[Alba] anyway. ;)