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    Little known movies or cult movies I want on DVD

    Cemetary Man!
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    Which directors make good actors?

    I second David Cronenberg! Notably, he's done guest appearances on television's "Alias", he was the best thing about the otherwise dismal "Jason X" ("I don't want him frozen, I want him soft.") and, of course, he played the pivotal role of the psychologist in Clive Barker's under-rated...
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    2004 Off-Season NBA Trades and Draft

    I really think the Kings season would have gone a lot better if Brad Miller hadn't hurt himself in the All Star game, and hadn't subsequently had elbow problems. I also think that Brad should have been starting instead of Webber or Vlade. He just wasn't as effective off of the bench. So...
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    2004 Off-Season NBA Trades and Draft

    I live in the Sacramento market, and it's been reported that Geoff Petrie has already considered an Artest for Peja trade and had no interest. Although Artest is a great player, I don't think he would fit in well with the Kings system. My gut feeling is that Peja does not get traded. After...
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    MERGED Netflix thread (formerly "Netflix" and "Bye Bye Netflix", etc.)

    Well, Blockbuster Video is getting into the internet rentals by mail business as well. With their name recognition, marketing ability, and the fact that you also get a few free rentals at the brick and mortar stores every month (for impulse rentals), I think they are going to be strong...
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    Can we get Paramount to re-release the magnificient FACE/OFF as a Special Edition?

    Surely you mean, John Woo's finest American film, right? As much as I enjoy Face/Off, it doesn't hold a candle to The Killers, Hard Boiled, A Bullet in the Head, or A Better Tomorrow 1 and 2. --LEVI
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    David Cronenberg's first two short films on DVD?

    Hi, There were two versions of Fast Company released, a limited edition two disc set with those two films including as bonus features, and a single disc version which omitted those two films. eBay almost always has a DVD for sale that is just those two Cronenberg shorts, but I'm pretty...
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    Directors Best DVD in your collection beginning with the letter "B"

    This is easy: Bride of Frankenstein Runners Up: Brazil (Criterion) / Black Hawk Dawn (3 disc). --LEVI
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    Directors List your 10 favorite bands of all time (in order or preferece)

    I only get ten? 10. Johnny Cash 9. Converge 8. Fugazi 7. Big Black 6. Seven Seconds 5. Portishead 4. AFI 3. Smiths 2. Earth Crisis 1. Misfits/Samhain/Danzig Runners up: Milemarker, Q and Not U, Sunny Day Real Estate, Bjork, Indecision, Integrity, Old Man Gloom, Gorilla...
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    best permorance by a real athlete in a movie

    If you're going to include wrestlers, my favorite athlete performance is of Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride. The best pro-wrestler/actor is probably Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who hasn't yet gotten his break-out role. On that point, if you count body-builders as actors, "Ahh-nuld" is...
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    I have DishPVR and want to...

    I'm not against getting a DVD recorder to add to my set-up. Would a cheap DVD recorder do a good job for what I want it to do? Is it easy to record from a PVR to a DVD? --LEVI
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    The Official "First Time we saw that in a movie" Thread

    This is absolutely correct! Quoted from Video Store Magazine: "It was the announcement heard around the industry - and the flashpoint for today's booming sell-through business. At the nascent VSDA's first national convention, held in Dallas in the late summer of 1982, then Paramount Picture's...
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    I have DishPVR and want to...

    I have the Dish Network PVR and I want to record archived content to DVD. What is the best way to accomplish this? I'm not really interested in an expensive DVD recorder to replace my current PVR or DVD player. If I was to get a DVD recorder, I would be using it only to archive content, so I...
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    My Secret And Shameful OAR Past...

    The last pan'n'scan DVD I've purchased was "The Wraith" from the Wal-Mart bargain bin. I don't mind having this in full-screen because it's a terrible movie to begin with, and frankly I don't care about the director's intent! I only wanted to own it because it was on tv all the time when I was...
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    Toys R Us - Does anybody else hate the store now?

    Well, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that TRU has lost an incredible amount of ground in the toy market to Wal-Mart and Target. Toys R Us is no longer the number one toyseller in the US, it's Wal-Mart. The lay-out changes are because their new CEO (ex-FAO Schwarz) was brought in...