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    The Simpsons: Season Five - 12/21

    I am glad that the release of season 5 will also see the release of "Bart Gets An Elephant," possibly the episode where Homer transforms from bumbling father to complete idiot. Lisa: "Dad, you're sinking in tar!" Homer: "Don't worry, honey, I'll just pull my legs out with my hands....and my...
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    Garfield The Movie (Bill Murray) Coming to DVD October 19th, 2004!

    Well, this announcement will make the guy who saw it really happy. Oh, wait, he hated it... never mind...
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    DVD Review HTF Review: The Pink Panther Film Collection

    Help a brother out...which is the film where Clouseau is trying without success to get over the walls of the castle? THAT is the funniest thing I've ever seen captured on film...
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    Blazing Saddles SE - Specs

    You watch your ass!
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Dawn of the Dead - Special Edition

    I absolutely love this movie, and am definitely grabbing it this weekend...great review, too. For any info on what George is doing now, head over to the site for his latest project, www.diamonddead.com, a movie he's doing with the guy who wrote the songs for Rocky Horror Picture Show...
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    The Decline of Western Civilization Part II?

    Truth be told, I thought Ozzy was pretty lucid in this one..if Sharon's around, he pretty much HAS to toe the line or else she'll tighten the leash just a liiiiiiiittle more (see 'The Dirt', a highly-entertaining 'bio' on Motley Crue for info on what he'd do if she wasn't around).. The part...
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    Carol Burnett Show Discs

    Although seeing Carol Burnett in season sets is a lovely idea, I'd would KILL to get some decent DVD releases of the original Dean Martin Friar's Roasts....now those were hilarious..
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    Blazing Saddles DVD. Any info on quality of release?

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    Why short run tv shows could be a money maker for studios on dvd....

    Personally, oddball Canadian that I am, would prety much die to get the entire runs of Quark and When Things Were Rotten on disc. Granted, I can't see them being multi-disc sets, but they'd be nice to have.
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    THE STUPIDS: Which is the official artwork?

    Actually, the DVD Planet one looks like a VHS cover stretched out to DVD-type proportions...everything looks a little to wide/squashed on that one.
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    What classic cartoon or childrens shows would you like to see released on DVD?

    Wasn't it on either right before or right after the Bay City Rollers show? All I remember for sure was that it had one kick-ass theme song... I would personally love to see the classic Hanna Barberas done properly, by character (Yogi, Huckleberry Hound, etc), as well as (and how obscure is...
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    If Arnold wins, will his DVDs be pulled from circulation?

    What I'll enjoy is if Ah-nuld ever goes on HBO's Real Time like Jesse did. I give Ventura credit, he's a straight shooter, who speaks his mind and makes a lot of sense. That right there should, in my non-Californian opinion, eliminate Arnold from running for governor (ask him the time and he'll...
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    Some suggestions on a good horror movie to rent tonight.

    Go for Dog Soldiers. Neat concept, well executed, and some nasty lookin doggies. And one of the best uses of link sausage I've seen in a long time :D
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    How do you display your "Walt Disney Treasures"?

    Tins on shelf in alphabetical order, lithos in frames on the living room walls. DVDs in cases in usual spot, under 'W' in the rack :)
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    The Lion King: Super Ultimate Lion Edition

    "But I want to fight the Lion!" "Kirk, Baby, there are no lions in the antarctic..." "I want to fight the Lion!!!!!" I have no idea why all this talk of lions made me think of that, but in some odd way, I'm glad it did...