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    Doctor Who on Sci-Fi - ongoing thread (merged)

    I've always found the regeneration episodes slow and plodding. They always need to do the same things (Doctor is unconcious, Doctor wakes up, makes fun of his appearance, he chooses an outfit, his companions don't know what's going on, he saves the world somehow without realizing it) so they've...
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    Question re: Galaxy Quest & Star Trek?...

    Jonathan Frakes thought it was so funny that he insisted to Patrick Stewart that he watch it. Stewart was thoroughly impressed.
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    3806 on the way!!!! Have a few questions about HDMI switching and audio

    Try for inexpensive cables. I'm using component switching on my receiver and have no noticed no difference in picture quality.
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    Lots of HD trailers at Apple's Quicktime site

    The Harry Potter video uses about 50% CPU on my Pentium M 750 w/ 1GB memory.
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    Lots of HD trailers at Apple's Quicktime site

    What's your memory usage looking like?
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    Lots of HD trailers at Apple's Quicktime site

    Make sure you are using the latest drivers for your video and audio devices. Check your audio settings as well. Go to Control Panel -> Sound and Audio Devices -> Audio -> Sound Playback -> Advanced -> Performance. Make sure that the Hardware Acceleration slider is set to Full. Also check...
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    Lots of HD trailers at Apple's Quicktime site

    You are absolutely positive that you saved the file to your HD first? Streaming off the internet esp. for a such a large file will result in lots of jerkiness, unless you happen to have lots of dedicated downstream bandwidth.
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    Could someone become Batman?...

    I'm Patman, er, I mean, Batman!!!
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    Why do American cars and trucks suck so bad?

    It's good process, good engineering, and good product specifications. Good car manufacturers have all three. Bad ones have none.
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    "The Onion" becomes real life news

    A good straight razor gives a very, very close shave. The problem is that they tend to move horizontally very easily, which hurts like hell.
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    All-natural products

    You're missing the point. Since you have stated that one of the reasons that you avoid Fluoride is because the EPA has a contraindication against it, I merely extended that to products that the EPA has never tested, which is a very extensive list. It seems to me that you latch onto the...
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    All-natural products

    Neither were oranges and mushrooms. I still eat them. Really, if you really want to base what you're exposed to based on what the EPA hsa tested and knows, I suggest you get off this planet immediately.
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    All-natural products

    I use sea salt because it doesn't contain iodine - I find the taste of iodine objectionable.
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    All-natural products

    You do know that the human body makes it's own formaldehyde, right? If you don't want formaldehyde in your system, you'd better stop eating. Rotting food in your gut forms it.
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    Crossing the US/Canada border

    I don't think you realize the volume of truck commerce that crosses the Canada/US border. If every one of those drivers had to show a passport volume would decrease markedly. Canada is the United States second largest trading partner for a few reasons, including ease of commerce.