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    Help me name my theater...

    The O'Neill Reel Deal by Robert gets my vote! Good luck choosing
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    Help me name my theater...

    How about... The Ol'Cinema
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    Are the Onecall.com specials really as good as they claim?

    I also had good luck with OneCall. Since I am in state I had to ship my HK AVR520 to my parents in Oregon. But it was fast and the price was right. I would not hesitate from purchasing from them again.
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    Axiom M22ti or B&W 601 S3?

    I believe the QSO 626 is $700 or more per pair (plus shipping). They are supposed to be amazing speakers, but a pair of those with a center would be $1,000 or more.
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    Is Harmon Kardon Reliable?

    My HK520 is not perfect, but quite nice. If I had the cash of some of the HTF folk I would have purchased B&K type equipment. But that is just down right spendy...but if I had the coin I might have gone that route. Of course, some of you may have better savings plans and more patience to hold...
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    Paying too much for Pioneer?

    Onecall will only sell Pioneer Elite as retail sales only. That means in their B&M store! It even states that after each Elite entry..receivers..tvs...ect
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    Built 3 more subs...and a new website too... Check em' out!

    Eric, One more Q - What kind of response and what application is the Jr. Sub used for? kjw
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    Built 3 more subs...and a new website too... Check em' out!

    Eric, What would it take to get the plans for your Jr Sub? :D Out of all the DIY sites I've seen thus far...your Jr. Sub takes the cake in my book. Of course the Lil' Red is pretty awesome in its own right...more of a show piece. kjw
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    Mirage sub upgrade

    Thanks DustinB...You are quite helpful. I can say I am little more educated on the subject. Next time I will do a search before asking. I am in tune with some of the logic I read about swapping drivers, at least for now. Sometime down the road I can build a box or tube. Just none of DIY subs...
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    Mirage sub upgrade

    After reading all the fine posts and checking out the websites of the various DIY subs...I am considering a better sub.. Currently I run a Mirage MS-12. I was wondering if a Shiva, Titanic MKII, or other driver could be inserted as a replacement? Would this do anything for me or does a fresh DIY...
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    HK Clarification on DD-EX

    Just wait until november when the special editions of LOTR are released. They have 6.1 DTS-ES!! Of course one is down right spendy and the other just above the normal editions. ...or do as Holger says and get the AVR8000.
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    AXIOM vs SWANS DIVAS part 2

    Factory Outlet! I am not sure I understand this whole argument of weight, which keeps popping up. I have the VP150, which seems heavy enough for the dimensions. It also sounds pretty darn good..especially between a pair of M22s. My goal is for a good sounding, non-obtrusive speaker system...
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    Best Progressive Scan DVD w/ MP3 < $1000

    I can't help you, but....what does solid transport mean? I am also looking for a player with better audio capabilities.
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    Warm Amps

    What amplifiers are conisdered warm? I have an HK receiver and am looking for all the possibles to power the extra two channels or power the mains. So what brands are usually considered warm?
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    Anyone Have An HK AVR-x20 That Does NOT Auto Shut-Off???

    ;) I have to give the 520 a nod. My brother somehow convinced me that this was the recevier I needed a few months ago, even though I was not in the market. Go figure..he's the one who wanted a new setup. Now I just bought some new speakers. Oh...and the AVR520...not a problem yet!!!!