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    Kung Fu Chaos - Too frikken cool, must buy

    Just picked up OXM a couple days back, and tried Kung Fu Chaos with a couple buddies tonight. And I must say this is just a blast to play. Beautiful environments, super fun gameplay. And even a hell of a lot of single player challenges. Going out tomorrow morning and picking it up. Any...
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    Panzer Dragoon Orta: Just a pretty picture?

    Very sweet looking game, fun gameplay, but a little short for my tastes. I finished it on Easy, Normal and Hard in under 10 hours. this includes all the Sub scenarios as well. Didn't open all of Pandora's Box (all the extras in the game) But opened about 80% of it. But all in all a good...
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    Xbox Live - Ghost Recon Question

    Damn, I was seriously hoping to have a little 4 freind team spankin the compition, well, guess I have to convince them to pick up an Xbox then. ;( Anyone know if you can do this on Socom for PS2?? 4 PPl on 1 system?
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    Sony KP-51WS500 and 720p

    From everything I have read, it seems like the 51WS500 down converts any 720p signal to 480p. Same goes for any 540p, it's down converted as well. Another option is Toshibas 51H82 or 51HDX82. They support 720 as well, except they up convert it to 1080i. As well the take any 480i/p signal and...
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    Xbox Live - Ghost Recon Question

    Quick question, can you play with 4 people on a single Xbox console, then connect to Xbox Live and play as a team of 4? KC
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    Screwed again, Xbox Live Major gripe. 'Rant'

    Josh -Why is it so "ridiculous" for Microsoft to require a valid form of payment for a pay service? It is ridiculous because I have already payed for the service. If in a years time I choose to pay again, that is my decision, and should not have to be dealt with yet. Hell, even MS doesn't...
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    X-Box Live Requires Credit Card, etc.?

    Romier S I am just glad they didn't ask for something obscure like a Spotted barn owl with one eye and a bad limp. ;) Again something that should not be REQUIRED to play Xbox online.
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    Screwed again, Xbox Live Major gripe. 'Rant'

    JamesH - Not sure where your from, but here I have seen nothing but rejection on the credit card front. My Girlfriend/ Now wife has applied for Visa and mastercard multiple time, with nothing but rejection letters. If you are a student, I know they just trow the cards at you. But as a blue...
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    Screwed again, Xbox Live Major gripe. 'Rant'

    Joey, Didn't follow the whole live pre release hype, I just got my xbox in January, so I was unaware that CC was a requirement. Never hooked the DC up online either, didn't see much reason back then, I was mostly into the PC online games at the time. I understand it was stated on the box...
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    X-Box Live Requires Credit Card, etc.?

    Hey Brae, Kinda funny, I just picked up live today and have the same issue, started a gripe thread in the videogames section. I unfortunately was oblivious to the fact that a credit card was required. sure it says it on the box, but come on, I thought I met all the requirements. Xbox, check...
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    Screwed again, Xbox Live Major gripe. 'Rant'

    I guess my big issue, is I should not need a credit card to play online. I have spent my $70cnd, bought my year subscription, paid for my xbox, and whatever games I choose to play online, why do you need the security of a credit card? I know they want it for age verification as well, but why? So...
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    Screwed again, Xbox Live Major gripe. 'Rant'

    So today I go out an pick up my long awaited Xbox Live starter kit happy as can be. Get it home, crack open the package and look at the handy connection guide, get ready to hook things up and then find the grief inducing note 'Major Credit Card Required". How can this be I think, I just...
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    LOZ: The Wind Waker: Most Anticipated Video Game Of All Time

    Maybe people are still bitching about Cell-Shading, but hey, Zelda is Zelda, and the fans will buy it no matter how it looks. Hell they could release Final Fantasy 12 and all the charecters could be stick figure, and I would still pick it up, maybe the same holds true for Zelda. Personnaly I...
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    Subwoofer in a car = mathematically useless?

    QUOTE]My only thought has been - what does the vibration do to the brains of the guys driving those cars? I wish I could think of a response to this, but mine turned to jello due to my Van stereo a long time ago. ;) KC