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    pioneer VSX-1014 vs Harman Kardon 235

    I was actually dead set on getting the HK 235 but then after checking this forum again I can't decide between the pioneer or the HK. Ideally I want to take both receivers home for a test drive but I will be ultimately buying one online for almost the same price (350ish for the hk and 375ish for...
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    SONY ES STR-DA1000ES or is there anything better in the sub $500 range?

    i have heard mixed reviews about the digital amps in the higher es receivers. Some ppl said that is sounded digital (not natural) while others say it sounds very clean... which is it now.
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    SONY ES STR-DA1000ES or is there anything better in the sub $500 range?

    just wanted to add that i would like my new receiver to match well with other silver components.
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    SONY ES STR-DA1000ES or is there anything better in the sub $500 range?

    just moved to a new place and my old yamaha 5640 is just not cutting it anymore. When playing movies at reference levels, I notice an electronic burning smell coming from the receiver. It works fine but obviously cannot sustain that level of volume for an extended period of time. Also the sound...
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    Best DVD player under $1000

    Chris, Here is a good read about the benefits of dvi: http://www.widescreenreview.com/attractions/eqrev2.html its a review of the bravo d1 player , one of the two players out there atm that have dvi output. Basicly if you have a dvi dvd player hooked up to a compatible screen via dvi...
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    Best DVD player under $1000

    If you are just concerned about dvd video and audio performance, then you just need to get a dvd player with dvi out (the samsung one with dvi out is a good canditate). AFAIK all dvd players sound identical, when sending audio signal via a digital cable to a receiver. The same also applies to...
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    How to fix a screen geometry problem on a direct view tv

    I just got the samsung tantus hdtv direct view tv and while the overall picture is very impressive the screen geometry is not quite perfect. Any horizontal line through the bottom half of the screen is slighly bend upwards in the middle. This defect is probably within factory tolerance but still...
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    Best place to purchase a Sony STR-DA2ES receiver?

    Most places don't have this unit in stock anymore, so I'm wondering where I can pick it up for a good price and with full 5 year Sony warranty. Another question I have is, whether Sony will honor the 5 year warranty regardless of where you purchase your ES unit.
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    suggestion on a karaoke solution...

    I'm looking to buy a dvd player with karaoke function. Would be nice if it has mp3 support and is a changer. Are there any good ones around 200 dollar and I want to stay away from any apex dvd player. I'm buying a new karaoke dvd player to replace an apex that broke down in less than 2 years I...
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    Axiom M50 vs M60 review

    Rick Radford You have to admit though that the difference in midrange clarity between the m50 and m60 is very small and unoticeable to most people. At least that's how I felt when I compared the m22ti and the m50. The m22ti should match the midrange clarity of the m60 so I have a good idea how...
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    Why do my speakers hiss?!?

    i think the hiss comes from all the processing of the 5es. anyways i had a sony db receiver before and turning the eq and bass boost off, significantly reduces the noise floor.
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    Bass management (Klipsch Reference)

    If you want to have a perfectly calibrated system for ht then set all speakers to small and then calibrate your sub to match your system. If you want maximum bass output, which could sound better to your ears then a perfectly calibrated system, then set ur front mains to large and set your...