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    Maybe there's an answer that The Theaters paid to find out

    ...or possibly there is hardware available that can accommodate any room. I'm curious though: I've seen measurement ratios from "esteemed sources" (who I couldn't give a single reason to support or validate), but what would you say are the ideal dimensions for a movie area in a home, be it new...
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    Building Permit For Home Theater

    I will have to pull permits if I ever get my butt in gear to put a room together, only because the power feeding the basement currently (hur-hur) consists of exactly one 15A breaker for four ceiling light fixtures (incandescent bulbs) and four AC outlets (only two are in use). Just a tad...
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    Well, here I am

    Hello. My name is Larry. I've read some interesting posts in here over a few weeks, not the least of which was the "What I would have done differently" compilation after completing a room; I don't recall the thread title, but there was good information to jot down. Our current 'theater' setup...