<p>Current 'theater' setup, not much more than the average home TV setup:</p>
<p>LG Blu-Ray model BD390</p>
<p>Honestly, most movies are DirecTV cinema or Netflix streaming (Comcast throughput here is a fairly consistent 20Mbps or more)</p>
<div>Sharp 60" LCD-60LE640</div>
<div>Onkyo HT-S3500(B) 5.1 receiver</div>
<p>The current room is maybe 12' seat to TV, at one end of a 50' width open from here to the kitchen. The plan is to move it downstairs to a room about 15x20 and a 7 foot ceiling after finishing. This plan is months away from planning (let alone beginning demolition), as its priority is fairly low. On the up-side, I can log it here start to finish, whenever it begins.</p>
Boulder County, CO
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