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    Most Popular Newly Announced Blu-rays: The Latest Amazon Preorders Listed Here

    Enjoying this Forum....Would like to hear any thoughts on finding a couple of Videos/DVD/Blu-Ray's 1. TV Show called CONFLICT -1955-56 part of the Warner Brothers TV shows originally alternated with Cheyenne 2. A BBC Production of a Play/movie The Traitor starring John Le Mesurier 3. A...
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    Packaging Complete Series Sets

    Also discovered that some Series released as Complete Sets...Like Cannon & Barnaby Jones are not Cleaned up for release ...First Season of Cannon & Barnaby are Cleaned but the rest of the seasons are generally created from low generation prints ....... I think they have Farmed the business out...
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    77 Sunset Strip / Hawaiian Eye, etc.

    Anyone know of a source for the "CONFLICT" TV Episode 1956-57 "Anything for Money" One of the 1st TV references to the Stu Bailey character ....