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    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams
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    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    VHS or BETA - Night On Fire Explosions in the Sky - This Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn ...
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    How many lanes does your widest highway have?

    yup only in southern california you cut across 6-7 lanes just to get to an exit
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    I was robbed!!

    well i moved into a new gate community but we only have a two car garage and they wont let me park in the guest parking so i had to park outside the gates and walk in everynight, well i knew it was gonna happen sooner or later...one morning i walk out there and my hood is up, my doors are ajar...
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    I was robbed!!

    i got broken into about 3 weeks ago too =(
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    Pixies tour and DVD!

    i saw them May 1, 2004 =) AAWESOME!!!
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    50 Cent booed and pelted with plastic bottles

    i heard the bottles were filled with piss...coming from a friend who was there
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    All these oldschool 70's/80's-esque rock bands... i like!

    Elefant, Les Savy Fav, The Faint, TV on the radio, The music, The cooper temple clause, Broken Social Scene, Longwave, Secret Machines, The Walkmen, Xiu Xiu, Yo La Tengo just to name a few =) i saw the killers last sunday, they were awesome live, especially with their intro song Can't take my...
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    The Postal Service

    the actual lead singer is Ben Gibbard, the lead singer of indie pop band Death Cab For Cutie, if you like the postal service i recommend The Notwist.
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    3 songs that have impacted you greatly

    Depeche Mode - Somebody Radiohead - Paranoid Anadroid & The National Anthem (live performances, Thom Yorke is a god!) Travis - All I Wanna Do Is Rock (after this song Andy Dunlop's amp broke, during this song i felt like i was on stage pouring my heart out)
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    B&W or Earthquake?

    i wouldn't touch the Earthquake Saturn speakers with a ten foot pole, their plantine noir, subs and amps are great, i can atest for that since my dad owns a sub and cinenova, but the saturn speakers just plain stink.
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    Any Honda S2000 owners?

    why not get a beater truck, like an old tacoma for the home depot trips and the s2000 for your non-home depot trips
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    Sonic Nurse and Goo

    Hey Kevin, if you're interested i have a couple of live shows, just PM me or IM me at floatation boy
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    Today, I picked up the keys to...

    Evelio...not in this area =/
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    Today, I picked up the keys to...

    hey , im in garden grove myself, and moving soon too we're buying a house.... it's soooooo crazy....