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    Speakers + Receiver for < $2000 (larger, weird shaped room)

    John, Never in 11 years have I ever heard someone suggest bipoles for rears or have I ever read it in any trade journals or white papers so.....you will have to pardon my ignorance. As a matter of fact for the most part with the intro of 6.1 and 7.1 it has been found favourable to use direct...
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    Speakers + Receiver for < $2000 (larger, weird shaped room)

    Hey John, I was suggesting that he did not need to use the surrounds to fill the room for party music as you had suggested, he still needs surrounds. I know that these forum posts should generally be taken with a grain of salt as there is a lot of mis-information but like you I am in the...
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    KV-32HS500, Opinions Requested RE: DRC - Thanks

    Sony will have a new 30" 16X9 XBR out shortly that will have variable DRC, maybe that will fit in you entertainment unit? IF not then remeber that if you are using a progressive scan DVD player and as we get more and more HD content then the DRC becomes a mute point as you will not be using it...
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    Speakers + Receiver for < $2000 (larger, weird shaped room)

    Hi John, My mistake bipoles, sorry but I still disagree, the room is not that large and the system will easily fill the whole room with out having to use the rear speakers to do it. Also I suggested that the rear speakers be wall mounted so you could easily reposition the speakers by using...
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    Need help ASAP! What is a reasonable discount for speakers??

    15-20% is the maximum you should expect unless you are really good at bargaining. The brands that you are lookig at are higher-end and these dealers are somewhat less prone to discounting. As well if you are looking at the Totems you might want to nake really friendly with someone in Canada as...
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    Speakers + Receiver for < $2000 (larger, weird shaped room)

    Dipoles are not going to work as they need to sit to directly on the left and right of the couch. I would suggest the rears be wall mounted at about 5.5' high about 1.5' in front of the window next to the pool table and directly opposite on the other wall. You may also want to consider 6.1, it...
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    Which RPTV should I get - you decide?

    The Toshiba sets over the last 18 months have gone totally down hill in quality. A buddy of mine purchased a Panasonic and I ended up helping him pullit out of his basement 4 times in one year for service before the delaer replaced it with a different brand. So in my mind you are down to the...
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    Is there an S-Video to Coaxail cable?

    Both Monster Cable and Ultralink make an S-video to composite cable. Check out
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    I wonder if there are enough Winnipegers for a meet.

    Hey how members here from Winnipeg, maybe we should have our own meet if there are enough of us.
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    New Digital CamCorder Thread

    Check out the new Sony DCRTRV19 it smokes the Canon (Carl Zeiss lens, dual color viewfinder) Sweet little camera. If you want digital still functionality then check out the DCRTRV33. Hope this helps.