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    Exclusive SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer Giveaway

    Registered, thank you
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    Win a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    The Lord of the Rings
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    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    Haven't been able to upgrade my theater in a few years, due to budgetary constraints, and this Receiver would definitely be the beginnings of a great Atmos home theater.
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    A full 4K Res Home Theater on a 125k Budget

    That's why most nowadays opt for a 2.35 screen and mask it to 16:9. Just as easy and since 4:3 is now rare, gives a better viewing experience for most movies.
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    Humble apartment budget theater system

    I'd leave the center right where it is. No big deal.
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    A home theater in the making...kind of

    Disagree. It's a big mistake. I have a 65" display in my living room (with 5.1 sound) and it's fine for watching TV, but it in no way gives a theater experience. The 126" display in the theater is where we watch all of our movies and sporting events - and the difference is remarkable. A 120"...
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    Closed - Win an Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master Home Theater System or $2242 in Credit!

    Quote Username: Kevin Stewart # of Posts: 355 Current Speakers: Axioms in the HT, Klipsch bookshelves in the LR Why I Want To Win: Would love to upgrade my Axioms in the theater, and then move the current Axioms to the LR Bonus entries: Liked HTF on Facebook ( X ) Uploaded Gallery Images ( )...
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    HTF Contest: Win an Epson HC 8700 1080P projector courtesy of Epson and!

    As a Detroit Lions fan living in Dallas, I'd be able to sit back and watch them both lose. Of course, I'd be disappointed in the Lions loss, but very happy with the Dallas loss. So, a 50/50 day would turn into a great day with the Epson.
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    Unique Question On Room Arrangement

    Go with the second set up. Keep the center channel in the center of the display. You could also spread the fronts (and rears) apart even further if you're able.
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    Get a chance to win a $250 Visa Gift Card

    Haven't used it much yet, but seems pretty cool so far.
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    Pergo flooring and how to compensate for reflection

    Acoustically treating your walls will have no effect on the floors. If you're set on hardwood floors, then you'll want to put down as many area rugs as you can.
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    Hello all New to forum need help

    If you're building a home theater, I'd start with acoustic treatments. Get bass traps in the corners and panels on the first reflection points as well as the front and rear walls. The depth of the panels is slightly dependent upon your room size, but 4" should do it. You'll also want to...