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    Internet Explorer Font size is too big, how to correct?

    If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, moving the wheel while holding down the Ctrl key changes the font size as well. In fact, this is probably the leading cause of "accidental" font size changes in IE.
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    Quick question: What years consist of the 21st century?

    Well 2000 years ago people didn't think in terms of computers, and "zero" wasn't used in counting. When you count things, whether it's apples, coins, years, or centuries, you start at 1. So, year 1 was the start of the 1st century, and the 1st millennium. A century is 100 years, so 100 + 1 =...
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    Look at this spam email I just recieved!

    Click here for Symantec's writeup on [email protected], the latest variant going around. It's now a category 3, so it's spreading faster than the prior version.
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    HTF Attempts Access To My Computer?

    Lookos like your firewall isn't configured properly. Those are return packets from HTF, in other words, the forum pages you're reading. In short, when you browse HTF, what happens is:Your computer contacts the HTF server, with an ephemeral source port (over 1024) and a destination port of 80.HTF...
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    Phone Call Interrupts Internet Service

    If there's no option for disabling call waiting, adding *70,, (that's asterisk, seven, zero, comma, comma) in front of the phone number should do the trick. KJP
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    HTF Attempts Access To My Computer?

    Was this while you were surfing HTF? Can you post the logs, as there will be more info (port #s, etc.) than just the IP address. It could be responses from the site that were timed out. Were you having troubles accessing HTF at the time? KJP
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    AMD vs Pentium

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    Totally 80's lyrics quiz

    It seems like the scores aren't necessarily relevant to how many you answer correctly. Some questions score higher than others. And -9, how can you score negative? Maybe it deducts points in some cases? I'll have to try it again when I'm not in my high-distraction cubicle...
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    Is this a virus or something??

    I think it's putting it in whatever the "current" folder is for the app (normally set in the shortcut used to launch it, the "Start In" field if you edit the shortcut). If your shortcut has the desktop as the current folder, that's where the "~" file ends up. On my box it seems to land in the...
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    Totally 80's lyrics quiz

    I only got 67 point something... I'm disappointed. I knew most of them too... I guess not enough. Sometimes it's hard to place the song by the single lyric.
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    AMD vs Pentium

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    Is this a virus or something??

    It's a backup of your Address Book. Due to a bug in Outlook Express, whenever you update your address book, it tries to create a backup copy of it, and in some cases it places the backup on your desktop. I've found this file on my system in other places, such as the root of the C drive, or the...
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    AMD vs Pentium

    AMDs should last as long as Intels provided they are cooled adequately. However, if your HSF falls off (I've seen it happen, on a Compaq Presario), the P4 will throttle back to protect itself. The Athlon will release its magic smoke and wreck the motherboard as well--it could conceivably be a...
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    Question about a home network

    Like Johan said, if you have a router, just plug both machines into the router. Then both machines have Internet access even if the other machine is turned off. If you're really a geek, wipe the drive on that older machine, toss a Linux distro on it and use that as a firewall. I'm doing that...