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    Heroes - Season Three

    yo! finale? Series 5 looks good!
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    Desperate Housewives season 4 thread

    what the heck?
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    Good book on Canadian history?

    I really liked Douglas Coupland's Souvenir of Canada http://www.amazon.com/Souvenir-Canad...e=UTF8&s=books My Father in law is Canadian, and I learned more christmas morning reading this book a few years ago than in 12 years of public education. Funny, deep, and well written.
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    Need some help with a rap artist...

    do you mean david banner? http://www.david-banner.com/main.html
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    Day Break - ongoing thread (merged)

    Cuz! I enjoyed the show, now hooked. I"m so glad that it's a show with an ending, unlike some shark jumping shows cough LOST cough
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    CMA Awards - Faith Hill gets owned

    also, did any one notice little big town's bones being a bit too close in style and tone to "The Chain"-fleetwood mac?
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    HBO's Hacking Democracy

    I can't believe I'm starting this thread. This has been out for 2 days and we just watched it. If anything, an independent investigation needs to happen into voting machines.
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    Audio/Video things that irritate you.

    1. Companies not getting their act together before going public on competing new standards. Yes, Sony, I'm talkin to you. Beta, Sacd, etc. Blu-Ray! all of these will die. High Definition digital audio will never be thanks to these boneheads that couldn't agree on 24/32bit and 192 or greater...
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    new sci-fi movies?

    You woulda thunk after Matrix making ten gazillion dollars, it would pave the way for more hard sci-fi movies. not so far... What do we have to do to get more real sci fi movies? (more like niven, heinlein, gibson, not xmen 3 crap)
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    v-dub down on the engineering tip, yah!

    Dig the new vw commercials. Is that guy Peter Stormare from Fargo?
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    Mattress without boxsprings?

    I'm telling you guys, get latex foam sheets and a wool topper... that's the way to go. Best bed I've ever slept in. Westin (at the W) are great for conventional mattresses, but Latex foam is niiice.
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    macworld keynote video

    Apple's site is broken ?!WHAT????!! And I want to watch the keynote address. Does anyone know where to get it? Thanks, guys. Kevin
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    chronic-what-cles of narnia

    So Awesome! let's discuss over cupcakes... http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=zLElfJ9YCh0
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    HBO pre-24/7 outtro animation clip

    Thank you! I've emailed you asking for costs, etc. I mean, I'm 39, got hbo @ 14, and I know I'm not the only one here who remembers that... I remember looking for the movies with the longest disclaimers, and staying up to watch them. ;) Hey, I was 14.
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    HBO pre-24/7 outtro animation clip

    C'mon... 28 people read this and no one remembers it? Hello!