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    DVD Review Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series DVD Review - Recommended

    I too have been enjoying that Hulu has made St. Elsewhere available in all seasons. Although they initially drove me crazy by putting some episodes in the wrong order, and the existing photo markers for each episode are not always accurate as a result.
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    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Thank you for the recommendation. I do need to note that the movie is actually a British adaptation of the 1931 German film ICH BLEIB BEI DIR that my grandfather wrote with Wolfgang Wilhelm. The British film includes I believe the first screen appearance by a young David Niven in an...
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    Star Wars: a brief history of the original trilogy at home

    JJ Abrams was asked about whether the original versions could be released in his press events this year - I believe he said that they could not based on complicated things at the studio. I would love to see decent Blu-rays of the original cuts but this sounds like it is unlikely.
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    Paramount Presents Gemini Man 4K 60 fps Demonstration

    Kevin EK submitted a new blog post Paramount Presents Gemini Man 4K 60 fps Demonstration Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
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    Space:1999 Complete Series from SHOUT FACTORY!

    I thought I'd chime in, now that I've been able to come home from filming and go through the new Shout Factory set. For those who remember a few years back, I did the review here for the A&E Blu-ray set of Season(Series) One. I was particularly interested here to be able to see the new bonus...
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    DVD Review Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series DVD Review - Recommended

    Thank you Jim. You've just provided a great example of why this series continues to merit attention. Your points are spot on. And if you dig even farther, you'll find plenty of other really interesting character moments and surprise appearances by actors who would go big on later TV shows...
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    The Cotton Club coming to blu-ray in new Director's Cut

    Bumping this thread to keep it in view. I understand that Coppola was asked about Cotton Club Encore at David Lynch's Festival of Disruption last October. He discussed his re-edit of the movie (although his comments may have fooled some people into thinking that he was editing videotape into...
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    Blu-ray Review Phantom Thread Blu-ray Review - Recommended

    I have to agree with both of you. I hadn't made all the connections that Mark did, but they are totally valid.
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    Blu-ray Review A Man Called Peter Blu-ray Review (Twilight Time)

    I'm grateful to Nick Redman and Twilight Time for getting this out on Blu. It was one of my grandfather's favorite pictures, and he was nominated for a DGA Award for it. I continue to have the plaque for his nomination at home.
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    DVD Review Three Smart Girls DVD Review - Recommended

    From what I can tell, the MOD DVD of 100 Men & A Girl is the same transfer that had previously been used for video releases, including the laserdisc collection and I believe an R2 release at some point. I would say the quality is fine - it's not spectacular, but I don't recall having any major...
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    Criterion Wish Listing 2019

    And here we go with the annual laundry list. Revisiting my prior lists, regardless of reality, and noting that some of the items from the last couple of years actually have been picked up, just not by Criterion. (I've also noted that with the online streaming service they had through Filmstruck...
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    Criterion Releases for 2019-2020

    Just to keep the record straight, we had a discussion about the Do The Right Thing transfer when I reviewed the Blu-ray a decade ago. I wound up having an opportunity to speak directly to Ernest Dickerson about it as we were working on stages next door to each other. Dickerson informed me that...
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    Criterion Releases for 2019-2020

    I posted something about this elsewhere to see where people went with their guesses. My understanding is that Jesus is playing the board game LIFE, which would go right into the thinking of "La Vie de Jesus". And he's sitting across from "An Angel At My Table". I very much enjoyed the...