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    International German "Roman Empire" problems

    I went to see the BFI copy of ‘Fall’ at their National Film Theatre in London about 20 years ago. It was awful: totally pink. I haven’t seen ‘Fall’ or ‘El Cid’ looking decent since the 1960s. I keep hoping that somehow Pinewood can get ahold of them to work the magic they performed on Peking and...
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    Double Features for a cinema or movie night.

    Rio Bravo and El Dorado.
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    1492- Sept 6 2012 Germany

    Great! Many thanks.
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    1492- Sept 6 2012 Germany

    Thanks Trajan, I tried the link you provided but all I get is an error message. Actually it's in German so I think it's an error message but I'm not certain. However, it's contains nothing about 1492. Is there another link to try?
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    Washington Behind Closed Doors (1977)

    This is very good news but what do you suppose Amazon mean by their note: "Due to music rights, this program has been modified for home video presentation."? Do you think it refers to occasional source music or has Dominic Frontiere's complete score been replaced with library music?
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    The Godfather - A Novel for DVD

    Me too. I would certainly buy a DVD of The Novel...
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    A question for RAH about The Godfather

    So would I. I still have a VHS off-air recording made about 15 years ago. It would be great if Paramount recognised that there are customers waiting to spend money on this version.
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    El Cid and Fall Of The Roman Empire - May 21

    Any news about 55 Days at Peking?
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    Where is Lawrence of Arabia? Anyone Know?

    At my age I shouldn't be wishing my life away but I hope the next six months passes quickly. Can't wait for this one.
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    Harryhausen Blu Ray of She/Things to Come Question

    Sorry no, I've not heard anything about the quality but I'm intrigued, what did Harryhausen have to do with these two pre-war movies?
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    CLEOPATRA Region Free BRD

    And if you want my vote for Raintree County you have it.
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    CLEOPATRA Region Free BRD

    Me too. John, where did you get the cover art from? I couldn't find it on the HMV website.
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    "My Fair Lady" Blu-ray November 15th

    I also read recently that Reynold Brown created the Ben-Hur poster but contemporary MGM sources such as the Ben-Hur souvenir book credit all of Ben-Hur's artwork to Joseph M. Smith.
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    Blu-ray - Ovetures, Intermissions, Entre'Acte & Exit Music

    I really like the idea of closed curtains during the overture etc but if we can't get that, then a blank screen is definitely preferable to a title card. Regarding Lawrence of Arabia, I think I read somewhere that when the film was being prepared for its first widescreen video release David Lean...