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    Any Dell Axim users out there? Other PDA fans?

    Check out Aximsite. It's very informative and has a great, active forum. - Ken
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    Any Dell Axim users out there? Other PDA fans?

    I just bought a Dell Axim for the sole purpose of using it as a remote for my HT and whole-house audio systems. I use a combo of programs to control apps on my HTPC and my external hardware: NetRemote Pronto emulator for the PPC, but much more powerful. Girder Receives commands from...
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    WTB - Sony TA-P9000ES - Will pay top dollar.

    I'm looking for a new or used Sony TA-P9000ES analog preamp. Will pay top dollar, as these things are getting hard to find. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks.
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    WinXP Reinstall - Reformat or Not?

    I'm definitely leaning that way -- I've been having some inexplicable instability issues with the HTPC, which is unacceptable in a machine that is processing ALL of my video, including our regular evening TV viewing. I have a copy of Powerquest Drive Image 5.0 -- will that work just as well...
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    WinXP Reinstall - Reformat or Not?

    Due to system instabilities caused by the installation of some unstable hardware and accompanying driver software (and undoubtedly exacerbated by user error), I have decided to "start over" with a fresh install of WinXP Home. My question is whether I should simply install it on top of my current...
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    5-Channel amp that plays well at low volumes?

    I'm looking for a good 5-channel amp that can musically drive my speakers at relatively low volume levels. I have a small room, 9x17 with 7.5 foot ceilings, and my speakers are relatively easy to drive (ACI Sapphire IIIs for the mains and Aria 5 kits from SpeakerCity for everything else). My...
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    E9000ES/N9000ES for $1400 or DA4ES for $650?

    Not to hijack this thread, but I'm facing a similar question. I've been using my HTPC as a preamp, but now I need the cabability to switch between sources. My current sources & connections include: HTPC (digital; 5.1 analog) SACD/DVD (5.1 analog; digital) VCR (analog stereo) DirecTiVo...
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    Llano Trinity 200x3 Tube/Solid State Hybrid Amp

    Indeed! Good catch, Marc. I'm asking $1,800, but it's negotiable. I'd also be interested in trades - I'm specifically looking for a new processor. But I digress. - Ken
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    Llano Trinity 200x3 Tube/Solid State Hybrid Amp

    Phenomenal solid state/tube hybrid HT amplifier with power to drive any speakers. Sound can be fine-tuned by replacing the tubes on the input stage. Been using it for less than one year in my HT system, but have decided to move to a more compact 5-channel amplifier. Purchased directly from Randy...
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    WTB: Pronto Remote

    Randy: You've got mail. - Ken
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    Lexicon DC2

    Tina: I'm definitely interested. BTW, I'm not sure what you're looking for in the way of trades, but I'm looking to sell/trade a Llano Trinity 200x3 solid state/tube hybrid amp, a Technics SH-AC500D dolby digital processor, and a Marantz AV-550 HT processor. You can check out my add for the...
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    S-VHS VCR recommendations?

    Greg: Aside from E-Bay, one place I found was Abt Electronics. I also found a good review of the Mits HS-U776 here. Of course, there is always E-Bay and the other usual suspects. - Ken
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    S-VHS VCR recommendations?

    Folks -- thanks for the responses. Why Mitsubishi, and which models in particular? Thanks . . .
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    S-VHS VCR recommendations?

    Don't laugh! My standard hi-fi VCR recently croaked, and I thought about taking the opportunity to upgrade to a S-VHS player. Not only will I get better PQ from my video tapes, but I'll get to run the S-Video output through my Holo3D-equipped HTPC. That way I can use my pre/pro for video...
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    Bass EQ - alternatives to BFD?

    Thank you both for the excellent suggestions. Chris, your site is full of information that will take me some time to digest. I guess I never seriously considered using acoustic panels instead of EQ due to overriding WAF concerns. By the same token, given the small size of my room (10' x 17' with...