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    The Walking Dead Season 5

    I loved the first 2 seasons, now its just getting a bit boring :/ They have like 4 pretty terrible episodes in a row and then 1 really good one. I found Season 1 to be consistent throughout, always kept me edge-of-my-seat and entertained Edit - you might not have noticed but there was a 'A'...
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    WTB Birdman for itunes

    SOLD, but it is one OR the other (not both)
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    WTB Birdman for itunes

    Yup, i have a copy posted here - http://www.hometheaterforum.com/topic/339325-for-sale-birdman-st-vincent-uv-hdx/ Its listed as UV but it can be redeemed as iTunes HD too
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    For Sale - Birdman & St. Vincent UV HDX

    For sale.... Birdman UV HDX or iTunes HD- $7.50 - SOLD St. Vincent UV HDX - $6.00 - SOLD Shoot me a PM if you're interested ;)
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    The Wire: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    WOW, this is pretty expensive. Ive heard so much good things about this show, people putting it on a pedestal (calling it quite possibly the best show ever). I dont actually own any physical copies of any movie/show tbh and i saw that iTunes recently had the collection for $50 in HD, im kinda...
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    First word that comes into your head when I say....

    Comment the first word that comes into your head when you read the comment above you (I'll start) Old man
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Lupe Fiasco - Tetsuo & Youth iTunes
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    Warner CEO wants to combine UV and DMA

    Personally, im an iTunes user, so all my movies/shows are bought from iTunes, without getting into any limitations, it works pretty good for my needs. I dont have 'that much' space on my laptop so streaming is fine for me. Though storing them might actually be better if I had the space, there'd...
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    Does anyone have Alien and Aliens codes?

    If you're an iTunes user they currently have a deal going on for Aliens/Prometheus and other Sci-fi movies
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    Disney movies and others for sale

    Hmm im not sure Taking of Pelham is HD, i 'think' all iTunes XML's redeem as SD (except Disney)
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    For Sale - HD iTunes Codes buy 2 or more $1.00 each.

    Email sent... (for Hercules and Catching Fire)
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    $2.99 UV & iTunes Codes

    ^ PMed for X-Men: Days of Future Past