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    West Side Story - Spielberg remake (2021)

    Agree 2x over with this take. WSS is perfectly fine but by no mean transcendent. (All that hambone overacting, reflective of a time when hambone acting was considered...good? Thank God for Brando's ascension!) And who cares about Oscars. Which by no means makes a film untouchable (or even...
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    Favorite Old School 70mm Cinemas

    In suburban Chicago, the three best for 70MM in terms of screen size and sound were: Golf Mill, Old Orchard and, the best of the best, Edens in Northbrook, IL (home of Ferris Bueller), specifically Edens 2. Huge curved screen, sound not to be believed. "The Right Stuff" was off the charts there...
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection - in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    A story maybe just me finds amusing: I was expecting a wine shipment from a wine club, always something to look forward to. Being out of the house late last week I found one of those hated FedEx notes on the door saying the shipment needs a signature. (Alcohol of course.) Knowing I wouldn't be...
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    Looking for Advice on Ripping my CD Collection

    I ripped my expansive CD collection using Apple Lossless on my computer and then saved everything to a 128GB thumb drive. I then put the thumb drive into the back of the Bluesound Node2i I'd purchased, which connects to my AVR via RCA cables. The Bluesound app then lets you access all the music...
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    Upcoming slate of 4k releases 2021 (all studios)

    Here's what Deakins has to say on his website (itself a follow up to a podcast on Shawshank): "I have yet to discover a decent version. They are either blue or brown, the trees are a vivid green or the night work has no color. Sometimes all these at the same time!" Fingers crosses WB steps up!
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    Upcoming slate of 4k releases 2021 (all studios)

    Excited about Shawshank. Wonder if they consulted with Roger Deakins, the DOP. He lamented on his podcast (Team Deakins, a must for those interested in the art of cinematography) that he was unable to find a transfer of the film he thought did his intentions justice and that he'd love to have a...
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    The Most Beautiful Songs/Themes In the World - They Make You Shiver Every Time You Hear Them

    Ennio Morricone, "The Falls" from The Mission soundtrack.
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    A Few Words About A few words about…™ To Catch a Thief (redux) – in Blu-ray

    From the Digital Bits, who reached out to the restoration team for this release: Meanwhile, I have an update for you on a title Dennis looked at here at The Bits a couple of weeks ago, specifically the Paramount Presents Blu-ray edition of To Catch a Thief (reviewed here). Many readers...
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    Dolby Vision

    Seeing that Dolby Vision is a more robust version of HDR (vs. HDR10) due to its ability to provide HDR metadata on a scene-by-scene, even frame-by-frame basis, it should provide you with richer color, more detail in the light and dark areas of scenes, and far better contrast. Now, whether you'll...
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    Audyssey mt32.. and speaker setting(largevssmall)

    John, this is wrong. Sorry mate. THX recommendations apply to all speakers. Whether you buy in is absolutely personal taste. There are no things as THX speakers. There are speakers by name a brand that have been certified by the THX quality control program.
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    Audyssey mt32.. and speaker setting(largevssmall)

    Agree. Saying setting wrong was wrong word. Personally I prefer a bit more center and less surround. All personal preference! Regards!
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    Audyssey mt32.. and speaker setting(largevssmall)

    Set all speakers to small. THX recommends 80 crossover. Always works fine for me. Do NOT use LFE +main! You should be good to go. Regarding Audyssey, some tips: it usually sets the center too low and the surround too high. I like to tweak them accordingly (which does NOT mess with the overall...
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    LG OLED Burn In

    A Foot Lambert (fL) is a measure of luminance in the standard definition range (SDR) world. (More recently, in this brave new HDR world, they've adopted a new luminance measure, candela per square meter (cd/m2) or "nit", one nit = 0.291863508 fL.) In the calibration world—at least according to...
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    My Yearly WAC Predictions

    How about Amadeus! And The Mosquito Coast! Make it so!
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    LG OLED Burn In

    Oops. My response to you is under your previous responder. Check it out. Sorry about that!