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    Books You've Read in 2013

    Off the top of my head... 1.) The Quantum Universe 2.) Parallel Worlds 3.) The Hobbit (Again) 4.) Selected Short Stories Philip K. Dick Tough to read with three little kids, but I do get a chance during plane flights for business travel and after 9:00 at night once they all pass out.
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    Is the Forum on Life Support???

    Truth be told, the very thing that should drive more users to this board has actually been it's undoing.... Home Theater is no longer a niche hobby and has truly gained mass appeal and simplicity. 1.) Everyone I know now has flat screen televisions which 4 or 5 years ago would have cost 3k...
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    Mobile Fidelity's 2011 SACD releases

    May go for Billy Joel Turnstiles, but I agree the price is just too high for titles which have been put out multiple times and even on SACD/DVD-A previously at much lower cost.
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    How to connect: Comcast HD box to Sony LED HDTV EX710 to Blu ray player

    Just plug the Comcast Box and BD Player into seperate HDMI inputs on your TV. One cable connection and you are done.
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    2-deco style outlet covers and 2-gang old work boxes..

    Jay, As said above, the Deco covers screw into the switch/outlet which in turn is screwed into the old work box. Monoprice may be selling some no standard plates in a Deco style which would lead you to your alternate solution.
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    Letter from Citibank

    I did not get hit with the annual fee on my one Chase card, but I did get an offer to convert my card into a new flavor of rewards card. When I read the fine print, this conversion would have lead to an annual fee of $40 for the improved points program which almost looked the same as the old...
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    Tax question

    I would chalk this whole situation up to a learning experience. At the end of the day it is not worth the hassel or attorney's fees to get back a few thousand dollars. Yes it would be nice to have, but you would also have to deal with more of her crap. Move on and don't look back. A woman like...
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    Technics SA-GX910

    Lance look at the date of the original post. You are about 4 years late!
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    Microsoft: "No plans to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox 360"

    At this point there is no need to add Blu Ray playback to an Xbox. 1.) An add on will cost very nearly the same as a standalone player. 2.) It makes no sense to change the hardware design on new players for addition of BD when the consoles lifecycle is getting close to the end (probably 2...
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    Sony Recievers?***

    Owned a Sony DB series receiver awhile back and was perfectly happy with its performance. Not as nice as the Pioneer Elite which took its place, but a fine, loaded receiver nonetheless. For non critical home theater duty you cannot go wrong with Sony.
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    HTF Fantasy Football 2008

    I am in, but never received an invite e-mail. Please foward me the info. Thanks. Justin
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    Regarding the "tax stimulus" refund....

    Thank goodness I am married to an underpaid teacher, so we should still get some sort of refund. I agree that the whole concept makes little sense (how can you get a refund when you paid no taxes to begin with?) but I digress. As long as the government is giving out free money, line me up...
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    HTF baseball is back!!!!!!!!!!!

    All signed up for another year. My recommendation is no keepers for this next year. It is more fun starting from scratch.
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    Ticked Off Customer Wields Hammer of "Justice"

    The cashiers are usually not to blame as these big box retailers provide little to no training, poor wages, and no benefits. Turover is a weekly or daily event. Kind of strange but you would think the companies would make more money by paying slightly higher wages to minimize on turnover and the...