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    Show us your camera's best pix!

    I was recently in Providence, Rhode Island for a conference and while I was there they set a river on fire. It was a part of an art exhibit called WaterFire and I found it very enjoyable. They light aromatic wood fires in the river and play evocative music over loud speakers. I've started...
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    Canon 20D and G6 on the way!

    Hmmm...nice, but not nice enough to upgrade right now. I'm still very happy with my newly purchased 10D and think I'll sit things out until the 20D Mark II or whatever. Maybe by then we'll get the 1.3 crop factor. Although I'm afraid that may not be too likely given the growing EF-S line...
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    More BS!

    Yep, that pretty much covers it except for the discrepancies in the official Elvis Presley fried chicken recipes. (That makes a lot more sense in the episode than it does here, I'm sure.)
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    More BS!

    Enjoyed last night's show - I had no idea about much it cost to dump someone in the ground. But then, I'm constantly amazed by what people pay to get married, too. I saw season 1 again recently and was pleased at how rewatchable the episodes are. There are also some great extras - the ghost...
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    More BS!

    No DVD announcement yet. The second season resumes tomorrow with "Death Inc."
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    More BS!

    Most recycling is "feel-good" at best and at worst hurts the environment. The only worthwhile recycling is aluminum recycling (which people actually pay money for - amazing!). Landfills are not the great evils they are generally thought to be and are actually quite benign. P&T are right bastards...
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    Tremors 4: The Legend Begins

    The first is the best by a long shot and is one of my favorite movies. I didn't like 4 much when I first saw it but it's grown on me since. I suppose I'm really just a Burt-junkie and even though Gross's character became Burt-like, he still didn't have that great Burt-ness that I needed to see.
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    More BS!

    P&T are really going after some sacred cows in Season 2 and they are well-armed with tons of BBQ sauce. Some of the highlights have been episodes about PETA, the War on Drugs, Recycling, and the Bible. The next two shows look the industry around death and an episode about profanity. (As can...
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    More BS!

    Not only does Season 2 of Penn & Teller's Bullshit! restart next week, but the show has been renewed for a third season! I've been amazed by how they've topped their already fantastic Season 1 and how they keep finding new topics. I guess the bullshit truly never ends.
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    Bad news for blobologists

    I had thought the blob was resolved some time ago. I recall seeing many experts saying "rotting whale blubber" (AKA 'globsters') right after it was found. In any case, it couldn't have been who you suggested. He's much too busy with his presidential campaign.
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    I Guess I Need to Get Rid of my SLR...

    I would have thought that would hurt a bit...
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    Have I ever mentioned how much I love my region-free player?
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    What are the best books you've read in the last 2 years?

    Nope. I found the books to be quite tedious and I had to force myself to finish them. I enjoyed the movies immensely though, and like Andrew think Jackson did a wonderful job of keeping the good bits of the story and pruning the rest. There's only so much hobbity songs and hobbity cuteness that...
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    I Guess I Need to Get Rid of my SLR...

    I don't understand those gripes. The 70-300 DO isn't an L lens (although it can come pretty close) and people complaining about its non-L status are missing the point, IMO. I really like its small size and unobtrusive presence. I've been very pleased with this lens and I think it's going to be...
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    I Guess I Need to Get Rid of my SLR...

    if I want to be a "fun, fearless female"... Oh my, I just can't be fun and fearless playing with my new Canon 70-300 DO with its lovely green ring, now can I? Seriously, while there may be a market for a "fun" point and shoot...