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    Run For Your Life?

    Of course, I meant the involvement of US forces in the European campaign, which is what's being shown on Combat!, starting with Normandie on the first episode.
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    Run For Your Life?

    The doctor explained, as seen at the start of every episode, that he would feel in perfect health until the last weeks. As for the time factor, that's irrelevant in a TV series. How do you measure time? A week for each episode? World War II in Europe lasted less than one year, and yet Combat...
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    Run For Your Life?

    Nope. No official release. There are several unofficial ones on Ebay and such. I got all 86 episodes episodes from when the series was shown on RetroTV, albeit in truncated form.
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    Wasn't aware about any any problems with continbuing with the Ben Casey season releases. Or did I miss something?
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    Ben Casey

    Well, all umbrellas are. Also, I understand it's not a legitimate release.
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    Ben Casey

    By the way, Amazon has had available for years three Ben Casey DVD packages, with 20 episodes each, under the shady Collector Series umbrella.
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    Early Color TV Series (pre-1966): compiling a list

    12 O'Clock High began in 1964 and was in B/W the first two seasons before switching to color in the abbreviated third and last season. Also Danger Man could technically make the list, as the last two episodes -filmed in 1967 for the aborted fourth season- were in color.
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    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    And Richard Chamberlain too!
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    Popular Shows not on DVD & Not airing anywhere

    Yes, that's true, but, as far as I remember, he had never been a regular in any series before Mary Tyler Moore, where he costarred for several years, so perhaps many viewed him as mainly a comedic actor. But he was -or is- such a great actor, that I think he would have done well in almost...
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    Popular Shows not on DVD & Not airing anywhere

    Well Ed Asner went almost right away from doing comedy (Mary Tyler Moore) to drama (Lou Grant), and with the same character no less.
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    If I remember correctly, Elizabeth Bauer is basically wasted in this series... she barely appears at all in later episodes and is certainly not one of the leads. Its a very good series anyway and Andrew Duggan is fantastic, as he always was. I would certainly love to see Bourbon Street Beat, the...
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    Press Release New Twentieth Century Fox Television DVD Titles Coming Soon (September 20 2018)

    Maybe it's closer to 'a hit now has less viewers than a flop then'.
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    What are Your Favorite Vintage Western Series?

    Gunsmoke, by far. But also Maverick, Laredo, Wagon Train, Rawhide, Have Gun Will Travel, The Virginian, Laramie... and 'modern' westerns like Stoney Burke The Wide Country and Empire.
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    The High Chaparral Season 1 - Coming 8/28/18

    Another western from the late sixties that followed this pattern, in both aspects, was Lancer, a two season series with the great Andrew Duggan as the patriarch'owner of the ranch, his two sons (from different wives) and Elizabeth Bauer, later of Ironside, as the young female living with them...