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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Resident Evil: Deluxe Edition

    just one comment Event Horizon is actually based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe and not Disney's Black Hole
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    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story - Anamorphic?

    Dragon came out in 98 it was one of Universal's original DVDs. I am not aware of a newer version.
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    DVD Review HTF Review: Schindler's List (Highly Recommended!)

    First off this DVD is on a DVD-18 which is Double Sided Duel layers on both sides. Second Compression artifacts stand out on B&W films more so than color films. Which is the main reason it is spread over two sides. Extras such as audio treatment come after the picture quality is locked in...
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    SECONDHAND LIONS: Dual layer or not?

    In short not all dual layered DVD's are gold anymore.
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    Merged Thread: LOTR: ROTK - Theatrical & EE Release Dates? & DVD Features

    I would prefer a statue of the Witch King on the wyvern.
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    Need your thoughts on EVent HOrizon ??

    It has been awhile since I have watched this but here are my thoughts all from memory of course and not of recent viewings. Video is good for a 4:3 widescreen DVD. Blacks are deep and image is sharp. Last time I watched this though was not on a 16x9 TV. Audio is decent from what I...
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    Need CGI-free film recommendations

    Actually the airplane is a miniture from the Godzilla movies.
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    Need CGI-free film recommendations

    Kill Bill
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    Hulk, The (Widescreen) 2003 - Screenshots

    But Fox had nothing to do with this DVD set. It is a Universal DVD.
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    Guns N' Roses!

    Actually there is no single. The song was leaked and that radio station had to pay the ramifications for that. My guess is the album is being held to work out potential lawsuits with the new members of the band.
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    QT Talks "Kill Bill" dvd

    I watched the movie twice this weekend. I thought it was great. I am in for the DVDs. Also I think the movie ended well on its own. As for Lucy Lu being the weakest in the movie I have to agree. But it was done that way on purpose. Uma's character even said she would be the easiest to kill...
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    Anyone excited about DOOM 3?

    Right now this game is under some development hell. Last I heard is the Trent Reznor left the project and took the sound efx and score he did for the game with him. Also another project manager left ID software can't remember his name at the moment. The version I played at E3 was really a...
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    Fight Club reissue version.

    Dan the re-issue of FIght Club comes out this month. I don't think a picture of the set has been posted. I doubt that it has changed because the set was in a card board case to begin with and Fox only changed the cases of those that came in a Double Ameray.
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    RIAA impending lawsuits

    Jeff, I understand that. But as a consumer you are still listening to it for free. The advertisers the Station uses funds the royalties not the consumer. As a consumer you are paying your ISP for the bandwidth you use. So there is money to be made either way.
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    RIAA impending lawsuits

    I have mixed feelings about the whole issue. But to me personally it is really up to the artist and no one else. After all it is their art to share how they see fit. It is not our art to share at their expense. Most artists only make a dollar per cd sold. These same artist have to get loans from...