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    TCFHE Press Release: Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-ray)

    This is very interesting indeed.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Back to the Future -- in Blu-ray

    I haven't found another thread on this, but in case you didn't know, my brother in law ordered this set for me from Amazon and the case had hubs. This was the U.S. release, btw. I'm wondering if Universal quietly changed the packaging... much better than that Season 6 set of The Office with its...
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    Experiencing "Pixelation" using analog TV converter Box

    So does anyone have any recommendations for converters, or know of a site that has recommendations? Some brands seem to be quite slow responding, as mentioned above.
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    1987, people. 1987. It's sad to think how desperately these need remastered. That doesn't mean I want "louder is better," but a fresh remaster. Oh well, they will eventually come.
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    Zune WMA Lossless Files- Can They Be Converted To iPod?

    As an owner of a Zune and and iPod, I do believe on iTunes there is an option to convert Windows Media Files to mp3's. I do not know for sure if they will work if they are copy protected. I know I bought a few songs on iTunes and if they are locked they couldn't be transferred to the Zune. It...
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    Will there be another "Vertigo" release soon?

    This always bothered me about McNeely's Psycho recording as well. Just too slow. Elfman's score had more of the tempos right, but it wasn't complete. A shame really. Back on topic, I have the original Vertigo recording and it's nice, even if a bit inconsistent in quality.
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    some summer 2008 movie bets I made with a "friend"

    When have Bond movies ever been about realism? I admit I didn't always like the close-ups, but overall this movie was quality, IMO. I also think Dark Knight will be strong. Batman Begins definitely had to overcome the previous Batman sequels, and I know there are those out there that waited...
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    I would kill for most of their albums in 5.1. I don't have DVD-A or SACD, but I loved their 5.1 Special Edition of their latest.
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    "Justice League of America", I'd like a live action film please

    It's likely going to, and if everything works out to Warner's liking, it will be in theaters summer of 2009. This is getting to be less rumor and more likely.
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    Hitchcock Masterpiece collection - a significant improvement?

    Chuck, thanks so much for the screen caps. I own this set, but it was great to see the comparisons. I'm glad I went with the upgrade.
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    Right, so maybe the "they're older" claim wasn't the best, but what I was trying to say is that Dream Theater fans usually go because of their musicianship. Metallica is mainstream enough that some casual fans would go for the party. Maybe I'm generalizing. Not knocking Metallica either....at...
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    The animation was fun. The same person that's on the Octavarium disc. I also saw Jordan play the "keytar." I don't know if that's the real name or not, but you get the idea. Seeing him dueling alongside Petrucci was a lot of fun. They also ended with the medley in Dallas/Ft. Worth. It's...
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    Dick Tracy

    I seem to remember there being a rumor about a darker director's cut of Dick Tracy. I don't really think there was any truth to that, but an SE would be nice.
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    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    Seeing the band tonight. Pretty excited. This is my second time seeing them.
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    1408 DVD due for release Oct 2nd:the next DVD to have Unrated WS & Rated P&S versions

    Eager to see this on dvd, but I think in 2007 they shouldn't even bother with P&S versions.