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    Dirty Harry from Warner on 6/3/08

    I agree about the cardboard. It going to take a special series for me to accept digipaks again. I'm so sick of having to buy cases and print out covers for this stuff. Just give us the discs in standard blu-ray cases. I'll buy this in cases to replace the previous DVD snappers, I won't if the...
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    The Amazing Race 12

    One thing I was wondering about was... What happened to financial concerns? No more begging for taxi driver rides at the end?? Total screwup by Nick and Granddad and it wasn't even a concern that they had to pay for two more cab rides. Rachel deserved it just by pulling off the last puzzle...
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    2007 MLB Playoffs (Predictions and Discussion)

    :D :D Recording in HD on NESN, FOX, ABC, NBC! :D Audio on WBZ and WEEI. Lots to watch and listen to this Winter! Thanks Sox!!!!!!!!
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    Are you buying Leopard?

    Have had it for a few hours thanks to free overnight FedEx, unfortunately I can only put it on the Mini as my Radeon 1900xt croaked the other night and is awaiting replacement.
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    Are you buying Leopard?

    Expose has to be the biggest boon to the online virtual waiting rooms on mlb.com. :D Have about 300 windows on 2 computers trying to get tickets. Probably won't help, much much easier than the old Red Sox virtual waiting room window management.
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    Are you buying Leopard?

    Leopard and iLife purchased today. New HDs for TimeMachine on the way.
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    2007 MLB Playoffs (Predictions and Discussion)

    If you look up at the sky tomorrow night... You might still catch a glimpse of Manny's comet :D It's also so much nicer to be able to archive the Sox playoff games in real HD and not Faux HD.
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    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    I honestly don't get how you root for HDDVD at this point knowing it will be around for 10-15y. Woohoo "DIVX." Go "Fox Enhanced Widescreen." Three cheers for "Multicasting." BR isn't meeting my goals either, but the discs are technically capable of holding higher bitrates which I appreciate and...
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    New iPods Coming Next Week (9/5/07)

    I don't know how I feel about this one. Just got the 80GB iPod with a promo. It's the first "iPod" I've had since the Gen2 20GB that replaced the 5GB bought the day the iPod was released. The shuffle works great in near/subzero temps and the mini is a great FW drive/music player, but larger...
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    Jen may have won her chance at $500K back, rumors are that she found one of Eric's envelopes in the Diary Room and has to keep it a secret although it apparently didn't stop her from calling him "Mr. America." Dick said Thursday too that he thinks Eric works for the show.
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

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    2007 MLB Season

    When's Canseco's new book out. I heard something recently about implicating A-fraud as well. Congrats Barry for pissing Selig off. :D
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    Veto Comp: Jen won!!! ...but she gave up half the end prize? I really think she'll get the full prize or most of it if she wins. It's pretty low for CBS to basically have comps where people have to give up the chance to win the prize money to stay in. This is only the fifth week. Do they plan...
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    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    Dick is flipping out on the feeds right now. Just in time for ShoToo.