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    Deep Discount DVD TV Sets?

    Hey guys I own too many season sets! I have bought about 75% roughly from deepdiscount. I have never had to send anything back. If you preorder season sets like a week in advance most of the time you'll get the set the saturday before it comes out. The only setback I've had was when tmnt...
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    how many tv on dvd titles do you own(number)?

    Would that website happen to be TVSHOWSONDVD.COM? :emoji_thumbsup: exactly correct
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    how many tv on dvd titles do you own(number)?

    I'm too lazy to count all of mine. So I will copy and paste from my favirte website: 21 Jump Street Season 1 Season 2 3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 Remove 7th Heaven The Complete 1st Season Remove The Complete 2nd Season Remove Adventures of Pete & Pete, The Season 1 Remove...
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    My Pet Monster/Denver the Last Dinosaur

    I doubt these will ever get released on dvd. But I was just wondering how many people remember these shows? I loved these two shows growing up. I personally would love to see the complete series released. Both would only take one release to have the whole series put out. I just can't imagine...
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    Old Nick Shows

    The Good news just keeps coming!
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    Old Nick Shows

    My original post about 8 months ago: I dont know who owns the rights to old nickolodean shows and cartoons. But I would love to see alot of them get dvd releases. Shows such as: Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Hey Dude, and tunes such as: AHHH! Real Monsters, Count Duckula...
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    Am I The Only "Redneck" That Owns "The Jeff Foxworthy Show"?

    No, I purchased this set also. I've already watched all of it. It was good to see this show again. I remember enjoying it when it was on the air, and after watching the set I still enjoy the show. I just hope enough people buy the first season so they can release the 2nd season.
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    Chapelle's Show Season 2 date???

    Can't wait to get the 2nd season. I thought the first season was funny, but not half as funny as the second season was.
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    Hangin' With Mr Cooper???

    Hanging with Mr. Cooper is one of the dvds that I have at the top of my list for wanting a release. Hopefully one day I can scratch that name of my list.
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    In Living Color Season 2, 9/28

    Can't wait to see this one released. Kind of glad hearing the news considering I had no clue how well the first season sold. Hopefully we can one day get all the seasons released of this funny show.
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    List Your TV show DVDs

    Batman: The Animated Series Volume 1 Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour, The The Looney Tunes Golden Collection C.S.I. The Complete 1st Season The Complete 2nd Season The Complete 3rd Season Chappelle's Show Season 1 Uncensored Cheers Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Critic...
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Batman TAS: Vol. 1 Spider-man the New Animated Series: Season 1 Soap: Season 2 Pre-ordered: Garfield and Friends: Vol. 1 & The Jeff Foxworthy Show: Season 1
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    Which WB/Spielberg Cartoon Would You Most Like on DVD?

    I would buy them all, but most likely would want Tiny Toon Adventures the most.
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    Worst Blind Buy?

    The post is suppose to be for whats your worst blind buy for a television series. Sorry for the confusion.
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Smallville Season 1 & 2