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    iPod docks?

    Does anyone know of an iPod dock that allows remote control and hooks to any receiver? It's a tall order, I know. I was hoping to find one that hooks to a receiver via RCA plugs or the mini audio plug. I'm using a regular audio mini plug-to-rca cable but I would really like to change songs...
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    stupid question

    My av gear is in a closet away from the TV and the only thing I could afford to run in wall was component. A tube wasn't possible either. Don't get me wrong, everything looks great through component but I thought I'd ask since I have the 1080p JVC. I just bought the HDDVD addon for my Xbox 360...
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    stupid question

    This may sound dumb but is there such a cable that converts Component to HDMI?
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    Lutron Maestro IR

    no one? Thanks......
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    Lutron Maestro IR

    I have a quick question..... I have dual gang wall plates with switches for light and fan control on each plate in each room. Has anyone used a Maestro IR like this? In other words, can I remove the Maestro from it's plate and put it in a dual gang?I REALLY want these for my bedroom and...
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    over air antenna?

    Thanks guys. My JVC does indeed have a tuner built in. I bought an indoor powered antenna and it just gets regular channels. I'll go get a roof mount model today to see if I can get HD. Apparantly, with that website John Rice linked, I need one with a yellow color code. We'll see
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    over air antenna?

    Hi guys. I just got a new 56" JVC HDILA 1080p set yesterday and since I don't have cable, I wanted to try one of those HD antennas to pick up local HD channels. Do these work well? Which one would you recommend? Thanks
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    DVD suggestions to highlight surround sound

    Bad boys 2- the street fire fight scene right before the big rig car chase. War of the worlds (cruise version) The initial lightning strikes will scare the crap out of you if you have a strong system! oh, and that Eagles DTS DVD someone mentioned sounds beautiful
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    56" JVC DILA?

    Hey guys. I'm looking to get this set in the near future and I'm wondering if it requires frequent bulb changes? Is it like a DLP? Thanks
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    Whole House Audio

    I bought a few HTD speakers a while ago for my surrounds. They do sound great! Especially at that price! They deliver to your door on the date promised. I think my quote is on their website still, JoseLH from El Paso TX http://www.htd.com/revtes.html If you need help, ask Homthtr. He helped...
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    RG6 or 59?

    Well, my RG 59's have been giving me a hard time with finding connectors. I had to go to a local Home Theater store to get RCA connectors that fit right!
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    Connector quality...

    Does it make THAT huge of a difference using expensive RCA connectors over cheaper ones? I'm looking for some for my component cables. They will be behind wall plates and not visible. Does it matter if I buy some average ones from Radio shack? I wanted to order some from parts express but it...
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    What should I upgrade after my new TV?

    Yea, you have a point. For the original thread starter, don't upgrade anything yet Receivers and players will eventually get that HDMI 1.3 thing soon. GamerTag: Fox Stang
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    I'm in dire need of help!

    This is a newer version of the one I have from Velodyne. http://www.velodyne.com/velodyne/pro...8&sid=602s312h They make GREAT subs in small sizes! Edit: I have the 8" Powered Velodyne. the link is for the 10"
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    What should I upgrade after my new TV?

    if your av rack is near your TV, go with a HD DVD player.