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    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    It's time for an upgrade! Atmos would bring me a step closer to that which we all strive for: movie theater quality audio in the home.
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    which is a better connection...

    Sorry to nitpick, but I'm pretty sure VGA is an analog, not digital signal. Your point stands, though: converting from component to VGA is a "hack" and should probably be avoided, except for a good reason like James pointed out.
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    My Dish/Cable TV saga (Basic Cable includes HDTV??)

    Glad to hear "basic" cable is working out for you, Bob. Do you get the electronic program guide with that package? I've been tempted to go with Comcast's basic offering myself, but they don't include the EPG in the basic package, and I've grown too dependent on it to go back at this point. Of...
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    Cable box

    What brand of box does Comcast use in your market? AFAIK, Motorola HD boxes have DVI output, but whether they have the firmware that enables DVI depends on your area. SA boxes used to have DVI, but the latest models (8300) have switched to HDMI. Unfortunately I think this is a question best...
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    Alright--I want to hear the TRUTH about Bose!

    That brings up a good point: Bose does seem to sell a lot of in-ceiling speakers to restaurants, stores, etc. Sometimes you'll even see one of their "bass modules" hanging from the rafters in a store. Does anyone have any experience / opinions on those? Are they still overpriced for what you get?
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    DVD player unable to recognize any CD but no problem with DVD?

    This happened to me in my notebook computer. You would put in a CD and it would "stutter" -- it would spin up for a second and stop, spin up again and stop again, etc., until Windows would say the disc was bad. It still plays DVDs fine, though. Dell says the CD laser went, can't be repaired...
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    No color adjust on DVI? How common is this?

    Just curious -- why do you change color so frequently?
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    1080p source material ???

    Sorry, it took me a while to post. Glad to see you got it. :) I think that nowadays most HD broadcasts are true HD. I remember a couple of years ago (when FOX was still fighting HD I think) many football games were upconverted from SD to 720p, and you could tell that something just didn't...
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    1080p source material ???

    Let's not complicate the issue, which is 1080i is not the same as 1080p. The guy in the article is right saying nobody is broadcasting in 1080p. 1080i scans 540 lines every 1/60 of a second. "1080p" at 60 Hz would effectively double the resolution, scanning 1080 lines in the same amount of...
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    Why can't I select "All Channels" with a TOSLink connected to my DVD?

    Like Jeremy says, the first and very important step is to setup the speaker distances accurately with a tape measure. Then, with the help of a test tone, adjust the the speaker levels so that they all match, preferably using a sound pressure level meter. You don't even really need a calibration...
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    Why can't I select "All Channels" with a TOSLink connected to my DVD?

    Forgive my assumption, but it seems to me that you haven't calibrated your system. Otherwise even for a shitty DVD turning the volume up would help more than using the "all channel" mode on a stereo signal. If that is the case, start with the primer or do a search for calibration. A SPL meter...
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    Help w/ Weak DVDPlayer Audio

    I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I think the solution to the problem is to connect the DVD player directly to the TV and buy a universal remote. Universal, upgradeable, learning remotes can be as cheap as $30 nowadays. Plus you'll probably get a better quality connection by...
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    Tell me why I don't like Widescreen

    Perhaps esboella has one eye and no eyelids, and therefore prefers 4:3 as it's closest to his circular field of vision. For us humans with two eyes, side by side, and eyelids that mask the top and bottom, wider ratios make more sense. If he says pan & scan one more time, though, he should be...
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    Hooking up multiple Toslink Devices

    Hey Tom, I have the same problem myself, so I'm curious if you (or anyone else) ever tried the 'toslink splitter as splicer' trick. If so, did it work? Thanks for keeping us posted!
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    I just blown up two amps in one week-end

    Phill, are we talking about Spearit Sound on Comm Ave?