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    Exclusive SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer Giveaway

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    2010 at the Box Office

    What's crazy is Titanic did $11 million on it's 17th weekend of release to finish second to Lost In Space's $20 million opening weekend.
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    2010 at the Box Office

    Lost in Space was the movie that finally beat Titanic after 16 weekends at number 1.
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    Shame on Warner for releasing The American President again in non-anamorphic

    Did anyone order this from DVD Empire?
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    FS: Nintendo Wii

    Price drop
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    FS: Nintendo Wii

    I am selling my Wii that I have had about a year. It has been used only by adults and is in excellent condition. I have the original box and manuals. I am including 4 Wii remotes w/ silicon sleeves, 2 classic remotes, 2 nunchuks and 21 games. The disc based games are Zelda: Twilight Princess...
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    2008 at the Box Office

    I think Eagle Eye will do good business later this month. But everything else looks pretty bad.
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    2009 Tv on DVD Predictions

    I would love for The Wonder Years to finally come out on DVD with the original music intact. Hey I can dream. I also would like WB to release the last 2 seasons of Fresh Prince.
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    2008 at the Box Office

    Tropic Thunder will more than likely beat TDK this weekend.
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    2008 at the Box Office

    It looks like TDK is #1 again this weekend with a little over $26 million.
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    2008 at the Box Office

    What happen to the "big time release" of The Mummy 3 this weekend? It looks like it finished second to a movie that was suppose to "crash and burn" according to you. Anything to say in your defense?
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    2008 at the Box Office

    And the village idiot is back.....
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    All questions concerning MobileMe

    Today actually wasn't that bad. There was 9 of us running a register and outside of the iTunes fiasco it moved fairly quickly. When had over 100 people in line with the first person lining up at 9:30 Thursday night. :O We only let 9 people in first and sent each of them to a register. When a...