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    Your 'TOP 5' albums of all time.

    1) Genesis - Foxtrot 2) Metallica - Master Of Puppets 3) Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight 4) The Beatles - Revolver 5) Marillion - Clutching At Straws
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    NHL 2010-11 Season Discussion Thread

    Since I am a Sharks fan, I have been loving it so far. Yesterdays game was a very well fought battle on both sides.
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    Image Press Release: Against All Odds, Awakenings, Random Hearts, Short Circuit II (Blu-ray)

    Anyone pick up Against All Odds? This is a movie I have wanted to upgrade but haven't seen any reviews. I know Universal releases can be iffy with their blu transfers.
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    PHE Press Release: The Island (Blu-ray)

    Great news! I've held off buying the DVD waiting for it to be released on Blu-ray. I love this film, reminds me a lot of Logan's Run, one of my all-time faves.
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    V - Season 2

    I am just excited to see Marc Singer finally showing up next week. Too bad they waited until the final episode to bring him into it.
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    PHE Press Release: The Ten Commandments (Blu-ray)

    Nice! This has long been one of the films I really wanted on Blu. The DVD just never looked very good to me. I am really looking forward to picking this up.
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    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Robinson Crusoe on Mars

    It's funny because the beginning section where he is trying to figure out how to survive is my favorite part of the movie.
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    "Leave It To Beaver: The Complete Series" -- A Personal Review

    Thanks David! I printed this out and I will just mark them off as I watch them. Very handy indeed.
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    Battle Royale

    No. I wasn't a fan of it so I am not upset by it not being included. I am glad though that the longer cut is included. I prefer the theatrical version but I do look forward to seeing the longer cut again. I've only seen it once and it's been a few years since I did.
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    Battle Royale

    Steve, Are you referring to the sequel?
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    Battle Royale

    Mine also says it will be delivered in January but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives sooner than that.
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    Pinocchio Blu Ray replacement disc for missing lines of dialogue?

    I went ahead and ordered a second copy from Amazon and I received mine last night. I looked over the packaging very carefully but didn't see any differences at all. No number changes that I could see. My copy did have the missing lines though, only on the Blu Ray, not the included DVD. I...
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    Battle Royale

    I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone interested that Battle Royale will be released this coming Monday in the UK. It will be a three disc set containing both the theatrical and extended versions of the film plus a disc of bonus features. Looks like it will be a very nice package and it is...
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    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 (Special Edition Combo Pack)

    I agree that the picture looks great and the edits are now pretty much seamless. The annoying thing though is they goofed and show the same scene twice. They show the first blonde centaurette pose twice and they skip out the reaction shot of the guys watching her. Having seen this film many many...
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    Your personal biggest Oscar upset?

    E.T. winning for best visual effects instead of Blade Runner. Wrong, just plain wrong.