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    Pic comparison with the regular/superbit release of Spiderman on Sanyo Z1

    It also helps if the actual frames are identical, which none of the above are. No comparison to be made otherwise. The only comparison is to grab the still frame direct off the DVD using one of the many DVD rippers available, and comparing directly. It'd be interesting to see just how much...
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    Do you think we''ll start seeing more "fullscreen for widescreen" DVDs?

    Actually, seeing as the DVD picture size of 720x480 (for NTSC) is actually not 4:3 anyway (The 4:3 frame is 704x480), it is possible to put 1.3636:1 aspect ratio on a DVD simply by using all the frame (720/480*10/11 = 1.3636...). That's pretty close to the 1.37:1 you desire :) Ofcourse, with...
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    bass content in surround speakers

    Just some points to consider: Most receivers actually use 12dB/octave Butterworth highpass filters. It's the lowpass filter to the sub that is usually 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley. This conforms with the THX spec. It's designed to work with a sealed cabinet with F3 of 80Hz (or whatever the...
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    High Current vs High Voltage Amplifiers

    An amplifier is simply something that takes a given voltage, and amplifies it by some set factor. This is all fine and dandy until you actually hook a speaker up to your amplifier in order to get sound out. The speaker represents a load on the amplifier which is generally some complex...
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    Soft High-Pitched Tone From Speakers At High Volumes

    Hey Chris, Sorry to hear of your problem. What version T752 do you have? (try holding pressing the AUDIO and VIDEO buttons simultaneously on the front panel.) The current model is either 1.20 or 1.22 (I can't recall which!). If you have an older model, you could ask your dealer for a free...
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    Is more power really needed?

    Hey MikeNagy, I have a T752 and it does the job well for me running 5 custom built speakers all small with a decent sub (My own design). If you are only going to be using 2 channels, then I see no reason to go for the T762. As far as power output goes, the 762 does have more (Total 600W...
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    Passive Biamping: How much improvement?

    There seems to be quite a bit of mis-information here, so I'll try and help clear some things up. In a passive bi-amp setup, where one is using the internal (passive) crossovers on a speaker with the various sections separated (ie any plates removed) then one has one amp powering the lowpass...
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    Use switched outlet or no?

    As Bill has said, the switched power outlets on the back of receivers are designed with a limited current draw in mind. This is due to a couple of things: First, it limits the amount of power that the receivers' cable needs to supply (Usually not much of an issue), secondly it is switched using...
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    nad with b&w speakers

    The Main-ins allow you to use the amplifiers for something else - ie if you decide to go for external amplification for some of the channels in the future, you have the opportunity to use the amplifier units (Front 3 on the T752, all 6 on the T762) for some other duty (For instance - powering...
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    nad with b&w speakers

    I've heard a number of NAD power amps with B&W 600 series (Not the current series though) and they have all matched quite nicely. The B&W's are a good set of speakers (Probably what I'd go for if I didn't design my own) and the NAD amps provide good control due to their solid power ratings. I...
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    2 Channel Power amp's.

    Why not stick with NAD - the C270 power amp is a nice 2 channel amp - plenty of juice. What's the sensitivity in-room of the LSi9's, and how loud do you listen? That'll give you an idea of how much power'll be required. I presume you are wanting more power than the 40W/channel the C320 offers...
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    A Question of Balance

    I guess it comes down to how the digital filter is actually implemented - measurements would be the only way to know for sure - I'll look to see in the measurements I've done in the past if there is any indication as to the filtering method used. I think we agree on the best plan of attack in...
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    Need help from electrical gurus... summing line level signals

    Ahh - now I understand! (Sorry for missing it the first time - a re-read of your post makes things clear!) You should be fine summing the LFE into the L and R channels if that is what you are desiring to do. I'd probably do this actively seeing as we are talking about the full range left and...
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    A Question of Balance

    Hey Bruce, The point I was trying to make is that by putting an external xover only on the mains, you ARE using the internal xover in the receiver for the other channels. Here's a quote from your first post:
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    A Question of Balance

    Hey Bruce, No, they don't screw it up exactly I don't think. Assuming that any digital delay (To compensate for closer rears or whatever) is applied before the digital xovers, then YES, that is a screw up. The delays should be applied to the highpassed signals only (As that's the only part of...