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    Yam RXV-1300 died, i need a new receiver

    I have a Marantz SR-7400 in pristine condition that I'm currently offering on for $450 shipped. It's a helluva receiver, and has seen very light use in my brother's system. It's about a year and a half old and comes with original remote, box, and manual. He is going through a nasty...
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    Sennheiser or Sony Headphones

    I just picked up some Senn HD595s and love them. They're a little pricey though. I have heard very good things about Senn 280 PROs,and they can usually be found for less than $100. Stay away from the low-priced Sonys.
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    FS: Mirage BPS-150 subwoofer

    Bump for a helluva sub...I've heard this baby in action before and it can run!!!
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    FS: Blue Jeans Interconnects

    Analog interconnects are sold. Sale pending on the component cables. All PMs replied to. Thanks.
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    FS: Blue Jeans Interconnects

    Sale pending on the analog interconnects. Component cables still available.
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    FS: Blue Jeans Interconnects

    Wayne - e-mail sent. Just let me know. Thanks.
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    FS: Blue Jeans Interconnects

    Hey, guys, I bought these for an install I did for my dad's friend, and the connectors were too long, so his components would not fit back far enough in the stand he bought (don't get me started on this!). Somehow, I ended up with these after buying having to buy some (gulp) Monster cables (due...
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    Cables, Cables, Cables...

    Yeah, I think bluejeans represents a pretty good value on the market, if you're not into making your own cables. It may not make sense for somebody to invest in the tools (even the cheap ones) when all they really need is one specialized cable (35 ft.). Bluejeans makes some good stuff that is...
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    any body run NHT L5s? other "on-wall" speakers

    I have some L5s in a complete NHT Evolution setup (T5s main, M5 center) in my main system. Sounds phenomenal. I initially had some NHT 8.3s (predecessor to ic4), and they sounded alright, but the back of my room is open to the rest of the basement, and I lost a lot of sound back there. I...
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    Headphone recommendations?

    Hey, if your dad doesn't have a thing against in-ear headphones, then Shure and Etymotic are worth checking out. Don't get me wrong, I'll take a sweet sounding pair of Senns any day of the week, but if he wants something portable that sounds good, these are the way to go.
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    My Review of Denon PMA-S10

    Nice review! I'm somewhat in the same boat of looking for an integrated amp to use as a headphone amp AND to hook multiple sources up to at work. I'll be using a Marantz tuner and a 25 disc Elite CD changer. Little out of my price range, as this is just for a desk system (driving some Shure...
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    pioneer 815 vs. 1015

    Couldn't agreem more! Don't even waste yor time with the 815. It's right there with the entry level Sony's, Yamahas, and everything else you see at a couple hundred dollars. The 1015 shares a lot more with the Elite line than anything.
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    Mirage Omni S10

    I have one hooked up in my 2nd system with a NHT in-wall/in-ceiling setup. Being everything else is in-wall/in-ceiling this little sub does an excellent job of rounding out the bottom end. Really has some a$$ behind it when watching movies and surround sound music (Crystal Method - Legion of...
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    looking for low-mid grade receivers 2ch and surround

    Sounds good, just let me know. I can send you some pics if needed.
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    looking for low-mid grade receivers 2ch and surround

    I have a Denon DRA-325R in good condition, no real dents scratches or marks. Doesn't have original remote, manual or box. Looking for $65, shipping included.