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    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Over in the Laurel and Hardy thread there is a lot more about the Hal Roach properties (Laurel and Hardy, the Little Rascals, etc). Today they are owned by what is known as RHI (Robert Halmi Incorporated). They released a Little Rascals box set through Genius, but little has been heard since...
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    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Blockbu$ter Pricing

    Amazon had the complete series on Blu-Ray for $135 over the weekend. I saw it on Saturday, thought about it, and went to order it on Sunday...only it went up to $250.   I just started watching the series last week, watching the miniseries.   Love it so far. But, I guess I have to stick...
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    Where is Me and Orson Welles?

    In the Target ad yesterday they listed the DVD as being available this week as a store exclusive.   No Blu-Ray.   As a Richard Linklater fan since SLACKER, this has got to be one of the worst releases of his films. It was barely released theatrically, and now quietly being released on DVD.
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    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: National Lampoon's Vacation

      From what I remember, that song was only used in the theatrical version. In all video versions (VHS and the previous two DVD releases) they have used a song by June Pointer.   Having only seen the film on video, I might be more upset to see it go back to the theatrical version!  
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    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: National Lampoon's European Vacation

    You are not alone. That is indeed one of the most quoted moments from any of the films. I'm more surprised that Colin ranked CHRISTMAS as the worst. Many today would say that is the best. Like IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, it has become something of a Holiday classic. In fact, it was the first...
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    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: National Lampoon's European Vacation

    As for any editing of the film, other than TV airings (it used to air on the Disney Channel a lot), has it ever been edited? The previous two DVD releases (the second of which is where the commentary came from) were the PG-13 cut. I've always liked the film. On the commentary, Chevy Chase...
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    USHE Announcement: Smokey and the Bandit: The 7-Movie Outlaw Collection

    What were the four TV movies?
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    WHV Press Release: TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Busby Berkely Musicals and Astaire and Rog

    Disregard. I questioned if it was anything new, then I realized it was just a repackaging into the TCM greatest classics sets. I thought it was a new TCM box set.
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    Deanna Durbin TCM Box Set

    Does anyone know what the issue is with the rights for SPRING PARADE? It has never been issued even on VHS and was one of the two films not included in the UK DVD set. It was released by Universal but something happened along the way.
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    HTF DVD REVIEW: Saturday Night Live - The Complete 5th Season

    And don't forget SHOUT released MR MIKE'S MONDO VIDEO, which as an extra had several SNL skits. Also, they included the SNL "Broctune" sketch on the MR BELVEDERE set. So, that makes a lot of sense.
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    Doug Pratt's DVDLaser newsletter - is it gone?

    Loved his newsletter back in the laserdisc days. I subscribed for several years. Unfortunately, I had to unsubscribe when DVD and the internet took off. It was a bit too expensive. In the laser days it was fine, as it was around the cost of a single laserdisc and one of the few sources...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ A Star is Born (1954) -- in Blu-ray

    TCM HD was just added to my cable system. I don't know the details of the resolution, though widescreen films are shown in the proper aspect ratio. The channel has been advertising the upcoming Blu-ray quite a bit, showing a "making of" documentary on it several times a day. So, the airing...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ A Star is Born (1954) -- in Blu-ray

    I probably shouldn't have used the word "complete". I meant the same version that will be coming out next week, not the 2 1/2 hour version. Sorry for the confusion.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ A Star is Born (1954) -- in Blu-ray

    For those that can't wait until Tuesday, TCM will be showing the complete version on Saturday night.
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    Deanna Durbin TCM Box Set

    CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY was released in the UK as part of the Durbin set. All but two films of hers were released. It was only SPRING PARADE and IT'S A DATE that didn't make the set. PARADE has, I don't believe, ever made it to home video in any official form. IT'S A DATE, which seems to turn up...