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    help on theater design

    Well, Pat, Bryan is doing a pretty big room with a 160" FPTV setup, so I suspect sheilding isn't much of an issue. ;) I'm not surprised to hear your feedback of experience with the Vifa M18's; my only reservation at all with the HTS system is the driver spacing and relatively high crossover...
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    help on theater design

    Bryan, Sounds like you've got a nice big room to work with, but it does present some challenges, though if you can find a DIY setup that meets your needs, that may help with the cost. But, I'm inclined to agree with some of the others here that you'll have to be careful selecting a...
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    Best DVD player for FP?

    You don't mention what kind of front projection system you have. If you have one that handles 1080i well, my recommendation would be the Zentih DVB318. I bought it to supplement my HTPC, and now I'm using the HTPC very little. It's ONLY used on 1080i upscaling mode; it does so on both...
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    NEW dvd player, is Faroudja worth the extra $$

    The DVB318 and it's sibling, the 7832, appear to be free of the Chroma bug. BUT, the 480P and 720P output are something a bit less than stellar. OTOH, the 1080i component output is very, very good. This is a great DVD player IF you have a 1080i input display. If you don't, pass...
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    Considering GR AV3s, here come the questions.

    Hi Hank, Lovely work as usual from you! :D It's not easy finding veneer that nice! Not to gloat, but Hank does sometime share his secret recipe with folks if you ask him real nice... he's that kind of gentleman... Works great on Oak and walnut, too! ~Jon
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    HTPC vs Stand-alone DVD Player

    But HTPC's can be equipped with SPDIF outputs also, in fact mine, using the nforce chipsets, encode ALL PC audio to Dolby digital. Best regards, Jon
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    HTPC vs Stand-alone DVD Player

    HTPC's come into their own when you use the VGA output, or VGA transcoded to component, into a HD ready set or front projector set that accepts multiple inputs. Just using it with S-Video output, which is typically not done very carefully with most PC video cards, is probably not the best use of...
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    Want to learn what's involved in a "good" DIY design?

    I tried to get a copy at Borders yesterday, but they still just had an August issue! Hard to believe it was two years ago I started this project! Slow work takes time! Right now, I'm working on the ulitimate illogical extension of the M8 concept, and also getting back to my roots, in a...
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    Cheap Table Saw

    Yes, the Sears 28211 is a "clone" of the BT3000 with the Craftsman name, so you can get a lot of parts that are compatible through Sears- that's how I got my micropositioner, as many HD's don't carry the Ryobi version. Most of the other accessories are compatible, though there are slight...
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    Cheap Table Saw

    I looked at the Hitachi, and almost bought one. It's only significant liability is the rip width- it didn't meet my needs for one of the two projects planned this year. Like Jeff Todd above, I ended up going with the Ryobi BT3100- it's an amazing value, I got mine on sale for 10% off, it has...
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    Help me understand Terminator 2 Extreme's 1080p transfer

    There's a lot of folks out there that use HTPC's extensively- in my home, there's two DVD playback systems based on computers (main living room, and my bedroom), and only one using a set top box DVD player (teenage daughter's Toshiba SD9000). This WM9 release is something anyone with a PC...
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    almost done with my new M8a towers

    Hi Chris, Tibor is doing pretty well, fairly happy with his MTM variants- they're really nice, with Zebrawood veneer! I'm something of a sport bike fan, have an old CBX, too, and a Hawk 650 V twin. Lusting after the new Interceptors... but spending money on speaker parts and tools! -Jon
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    Pictures of my DIY speakers

    Nice job on the cabinets, Anthony! And kudos for the room treatment work- this is unfortunately something a lot of folks ignore, much to the limitation of their system performance. Room acoustics and speaker placement are so critical.... Happy listening! Best regards, Jon
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    almost done with my new M8a towers

    Having pretty much recovered from some back surgery in February, I've been pretty much buried alive now at work, and do have a lot of travel coming up, including overseas. I have a set of the MKIV's, but they're stashed away while I'm working on a new system and re-oganizing and packing for...
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    Marchand crossover questions

    The Marchand crossover generates a nominal 4th order L-R crossover by using a multiple pole state variable low pass filter. The output of the low pass filter is subtracted from the full range input to generate the high pass output. The low pass is formed by four integrator stages. The capacitor...