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    Criterion Special to start at Barnes and Noble

    Picked up these; Seven Samurai Sword of Doom Yojimbo/Sanjuro 2-pack (used a coupon to get and extra 10% off this title) The Third Man The Last Emperor (4-disc version) Very happy. Was going to get Seventh Seal blu-ray, but I don't want to get it and find out my player can't handle Region A...
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    Directors DIRECTOR FILMOGRAPHY - The Films of FRANK OZ

    Seen (Bold) 8 Own (*) 1 The Stepford Wives (2004) The Score (2001) ... aka The Score (Germany) * Bowfinger (1999) 9/10 In & Out (1997) 7/10 The Indian in the Cupboard (1995) HouseSitter (1992) 4/10 What About Bob? (1991) 9.5/10 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) 9/10 Little Shop of...
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    Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET -- the ultimate, merged, when-oh-when thread

    Ordered it the other day, but won't get it until The Office: S3 ships early September... Grrr. Must. have. now!
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    Do you care when a DVD doesn't include the teasers or trailers or TV spots?

    Not at all. I buy the DVD for the film, not the trailers. Even if they're on the disc, I'll probably watch them once (if that) and not bother about them again. Sure, for completists' sake they're essential, but in all reality they're rather superfluous. Except of course they're the...
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    Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET -- the ultimate, merged, when-oh-when thread

    Wow. I'm not so much a big 'Blade Runner' fan, so for me this is the DVD I'd buy if I could only buy one this year. Kudos to Warners (although not for the excrutiating wait )
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    That Thing You Do! Director's Cut question

    I'm not bummed by a lack of a Hanks commentary. I doubt he'll be snubbed in the 2nd disc extras. And besides, has he even ever done a commentary before? That specs list (including the extra 50 minutes in the DC) is the best DVD news of the year, for me anyway. Bring on May!
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    That Thing You Do! Director's Cut question

    One thing I forgot to make mention of is how *great* the soundtrack to this film is. The crew who wrote the songs (including Tom Hanks himself) really excelled in churning out songs that wouldn't have seemed out of place in the early-to-mid 60s. Sure, the soundtrack isn't 'Abbey Road' or...
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    That Thing You Do! Director's Cut question

    Count me in as another who'll buy this in a heartbeat. Saw it at the cinemas when first released and have watched my (practically) bare-bones edition numerous times. "Oh, I'm not here with these fellas. I've got a pig in competition over at the livestock pavilion, and I am going to win that...
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    SNL Season 1 on 12/5/06 (and season sets in general)

    If the missing bumpers are what's keeping people from buying this set then something tells me they're just looking for an excuse not to hand over the cash. It's not like they cut out the Weekend Updates or the musical acts - it's a still frame that's missing. I agree that cutting them makes...
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    Who ever thought this would ever be done?

    A bit excessive maybe - but for fans of the show it'd be dvd gold! Will probably hold the record until the entire run of 'Coronation Street' gets put on the market
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    'Miami Vice' Details

    Alas, it's all white on the other side - no reversible cover!
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    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    You've got to be kidding me?!? It could have a picture of a toothless and wandering Margot Kidder circa 1996 on the cover and it won't change a thing about what's inside the case!
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    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    Maybe it was replaced with something better?? I think people should just sit on their hands and wait until they can see the film before they say Donner has stuffed the 'Donner Cut' and run down a list of things they would've done differently or better, or how because a certain scene isn't in it...
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    'Miami Vice' Details

    Hi all, Picked up my R4 copy of 'Slither' this morning and the insert has some details on the 'Miami Vice' release, due on November 29. - Audio Commentary with Director Michael Mann - Deleted Scenes & outtakes - Multiple Camera Angles - Pre-production - Real World High-tech Global...
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    New Apocalypse Now DVD set this year?

    From AICN; "The new DVD release of Apocalypse Now has been criticized by completists for not including the "Heart of Darkness" documentary. Coppola said that he didn't want to include the documentary because he considered it a separate...