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    how do I hook up two passive subwoofers?

    Hi Frank, Thanks for the response. The subwoofer does have a crossover. Did you mean option B? Or am I miss understanding you.
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    how do I hook up two passive subwoofers?

    I have a dedicated 2 channel integrated amp (no amp out). I want to hook up 2 passive subwoofers, one for each speaker but am unsure of the best way to wire them. As I see it, I have 2 choices: a) run a shotgun configuration straight off the amp with 1 cable going to the speakers and 1 to...
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    Resiliant Channel

    I know its been beat to death already but just some clarification. Is resiliant channel used for acoustics or sound proofing? Because if its not improving the acoustics in my room, I won't bother with it, even though i bought about 60ft or so at a hardware store close out for about $20. I...
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    Walls going up in new HT tomorrow, need a quick answer

    This weekend I'm going to put up the last wall of my listening room, which is an interior wall. I came on here to confirm my idea of doing a staggered studded wall and started to read about R/C and a question came to mind from the responses above. Because the wall "floats and has some movement...
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    help with tube amps

    check out www.audiokarma.org A great discussion group for anything vintage.
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    Best options for used 2-ch amp $500 or less?

    You've gotten a lot of reccomendations, and I'm going to take a leap of faith here and suggest something totally different. IMO the only true way to listen to 2 channel stereo is with tube amplfiers, in particular SET amps if your speakers are efficent enough. All of the amps that have been...
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    FS Totem Dreamcatcher's (Cherry)

    Thanks Roly for the advice. $1400 is as low as I planned to go. I won't sell on ebay, audiogon is where they'll go...tonight. I just thought I'd give the true HT crowd a crack at them first.
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    FS Totem Dreamcatcher's (Cherry)

    And still lower $1400 obo+shipping
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    FS Totem Dreamcatcher's (Cherry)

    Even lower price $1500+shipping!!!!
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    FS Totem Dreamcatcher's (Cherry)

    New lower price $1600.00usd+shipping!
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    FS Marantz SR-6200 AV receiver

    lower price $475 obo+shipping
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    FS Marantz SR-6200 AV receiver

    Description For sale is a Marantz AV Receiver 6200. This receiver is in imaculate condition, with no visible marks on it. It produces a warm lush sound, that sounds fantastic with movies. The receiver comes with the orginal remote, packaging and box. Asking price is $500 obo...
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    FS Totem Dreamcatcher's (Cherry)

    Description I've decided to consolidate my 2 channel stereo and my HT and some speakers need to go. Totem has really outdione themselves with these speakers and they really do live up to every glowing review you could read on the net. I had the oportunity to meet Vince Bruzzese...
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    Reasonably Priced (about $100) Interconnect Cables???

    Check out rhinocables I just ordered a digital coaxial from them. They get great reviews in the audioasylum.
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    Can you connect a turntable to a Marantz 6200?

    Thanks....what input would the phono-pre-amp go into?