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    *** Official V FOR VENDETTA Discussion Thread

    Saw the film last night. I couldn't really judge what the rest of the audience thought, but my friends and I all thought it was great.
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    Arrested Development - The Final (?) Season Announced

    I guess a quicker dvd release is the one good thing about cancellation. I'll be anxious to get this as I missed a few episodes this season do to the fact that you never knew when it was going to be on or not for a few months there.
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    Star Trek: Borg - Fan Collective... first details

    I might pick this up. Most of the star trek seasons contain a few more episodes than other shows, but if they want to turn new fans on to the franchise, the prices should be in line with other series. I've noticed prices on the earlier sets coming down a bit. Combine that with these theme sets...
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    Soderbergh's "Bubble" in January

    Soderbergh was on NPR today talking about the picture and the release strategy. A small film like this would probably not be in the local theater for a lot of people anyway so I can see the logic here with something like this rather than a big studio picture. Soderbergh's reasoning though was...
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    Current fall season--which shows will you buy on DVD?

    As far as new shows, I think Rome has been the best and I'll probably buy that. Also, Prison Break is worth owning. I've been enjoying Reunion, but I don't think I'll want to own it, though the format of the show makes me feel like it would be better to experience on dvd in a few sittings if...
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    Arrested Development season 3 thread

    Apparently, they still have five episodes to shoot, so hopefully they'll be able to give the show some conclusion. Even with low ratings, all the positive press the show gives Fox, plus the good dvd sales, you would think would make it worth keeping around. If The War at Home makes it through...
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    First Wave on DVD?

    I remember I used to watch it when it was first on scifi, debuting alongside Farscape. I don't think I saw any of the last two seasons though. Might be nice to catch up.
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    Interesting article on the state of TV shows' running times, commercials, DVD, etc.

    that is an interesting article. I guess I agree that one of the reasons Lost seems to have so many commercials is because it is so gripping and maybe you're not as annoyed when even a good family sitcom cuts to commercial. Still, nobody likes that the ammount of commercial time is steadily...
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    Once and Again

    I picked up season 2 when it came out and was pretty happy with it. I thought they were never going to put it out. They improved on the first season release by making it cheaper and adding a commentary by the creators. I didn't notice any problems with the discs, so I wouldn't worry about...
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    *** Official SERENITY Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed this movie immensely and plan on seeing it again before it leaves theaters. My girlfriend just got back from a month-long trip and I promised to get her to a theater this week so she could see it. I really am amazed Joss Whedon got this movie made. Given the second week box office...
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    Massive Discounts on Warner Brothers DVD Boxed TV Sets

    I'm glad I heard about this deal before it was over. I picked up Smallville season 1 and Nip/Tuck season 1. The shelf tag said Smallville season 2 was on sale for the same price as well, but my Target seemed to be out of stock.
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    Veronica Mars Season 2

    I caught up with this show over the summer and really enjoyed it. One of the best shows on tv. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the second season eps yet because my friends and I are all addicted to LOST, so I'll probably end up waiting for the dvds or catching the reruns. Kind of a bone-headed...
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    Notice anything strange on the Space: Above and Beyond main menus?

    this is too funny! I'm planning on picking this set up soon, to be honest I hadn't realized it was already out. Perhaps later this week.
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    Reunion - ongoing thread

    Fox does usually seem to come out with the most interesting concept shows each season, though they don't always stick with them. Let's hope they they keep this one on through all twenty episodes or there'll be some pissed off viewers. As far as the first episode, I thought it was pretty...
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    Would You Buy A Series Out of Order?

    yeah, i started voyager with season 2. If it was a show i hadn't already seen all the episodes of, i would never do that, but for shows like that or buffy and angel, which i've seen most episodes multiple times, sometimes i just buy the season i feel like watching most. that said, it is...