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    Steve Winwood

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    Norah Jones and *Blue Train* SACD owners, do your discs have spindle cracks? (Crest)

    Keith, I'm thinking about picking these titles up and I'm certainly concerned about spindle cracks. But what is the worst case scenario with them, has there been known cases of players being damaged? I'm still using a 555 and as we know, they can no longer be replaced.
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    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    CD's Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die Bangles - GH McCartney - Ram
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    Looking for music with great Saxophone

    A recent release/purchase was some good ol' funk in the 'Essential Sly & The Family Stone'. I Wanna take you HIGHER, (da dada) HIGHER.... Different, but great stuff.
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    Enjoying Elvis in 5.1

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    Jorma Kaukonen Recommendations Please

    The newly re-mastered Quah is worth tracking down too. You get a couple of outstanding acoustic extras. My brother & I enjoyed a local show a couple months ago and he recommends checking out some Rev Gary Davis.
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    ***Official "Dark Side of The Moon SACD" Review Thread***

    Whoa! Was just listening in the car after picking it up @BB. Very rangy. Something tells me this is the new reference sacd and after one listen you'll see your gear as 'stud' or 'scud'. Yea, that's the ticket, the mother of all sacd's :eek:.
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    What is it with men in minivans and 4-cylinder cars?

    Well it sounds like everyone drives like New Yorkers :). Watch out for what's next though, I've been with State Farm since 81', no tickets or accidents but yesterdays mail delivered a 25% hike. Ouch.
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    Police SACDs

    The Synchronicity SACD sounds good. At least as good as my memory of the original vinyl (no longer have a TT). I tried the remasterd Ghost CD which was a waste, I'd like to try the SACD if it sounds good. I too passed on the Classics hybrid as I have DTS CD which i think is very good.
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    She Dropped The Bomb

    Hey, easy on the wasabi. Just because you lost the hottie don't go torching your honey. What a fun thread.
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    SACD List of Upcoming Titles to get excited about!

    Great list Rich, a couple more from S. Hoffman with no dates yet: Eva Cassidys' Songbird Mary Black No Frontiers Everly Bros
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    Super Session

    In addition to Super Session, I'm looking forward to Al Koopers' work on Dylans' sacd's. I listened to an interview last year where he spoke about many BS&T and Dylans' issues. Heavy stuff.
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    Single-layer SACD's stink!

    The new batch of Police discs don't make sense to me. I like my DTS of the classics but wanted hybrids of albums for portability. I gave a new Redbook cd of Ghost in the Machine a spin but didn't think much of it. So I walk away unhappy.
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    EMI in talks to purchase Warner Bros. Music

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but the biggest player in the world of music (Universal) looks to be put on the block. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/yhoo...12AD155 3F%7D We'd better hope a Mr. Potter doesn't start scooping up all the plots in Bedford Falls. The US gov might bring...