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    HDTV Antennas

    I'm using the RS Catalog #: 15-1880 as mentioned in the above post. I get great results on the HDTV stations in my area (about 8 miles from the transmitters) but lousy results on SDTV, both VHF and UHF. I'll probably switch to a rooftop antenna combination sometime in the near future since I...
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    Megachanger questions

    Ha, last night I was thinking that I would never be able to get my Sony/Slink-e setup going again, and I looked at the StreetFire controller. The durn thing is expensive ($750), but it does lots of nice things, including letting you rip disks from your Megachangers to a computer (this is a...
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    Dish 811 Feedback

    I don't have an 811, but am interested in the quality of the upconversion. Is it better than the 6000? --John
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    Sports blurrs...

    Dish does broadcast in HD. Get an 811 ($400) and enjoy, the HD tier is $9.99/mo. and you also get SHO HD and HBO HD if you get SHO and/or HBO. --John
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    Sports blurrs...

    Have you looked at the HD picture on your set. What you are describing sounds like typical upconversion softness. Sports in true HD are spectacular. Spend the $$ and give it a try. --John
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    All amplifiers sound alike.........

    Hey, I'm a hop head and Sierra Pale is one of my favorites. Of course right now I'm drinking a Bridgeport IPA -- a really, really good beer.
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    How much will Receivers change by this fall? Next spring? Infinite time?

    I'll actually answer your question. I don't think that there will be a lot of change in surround formats in the next few years. The last really important change was DPL II and that was mostly because of what it could do for 2 channel music. The major changes in receivers will be...
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    All amplifiers sound alike.........

    Well, I'll bite on the "what are you using for amplification" question. I'm currently using a Denon 3803 which I bought to replace a Denon 4802. I purchased it because it had more than enough power to run my fairly efficient Boston Acoustics speakers. I decided to purchase this amp over a...
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    All amplifiers sound alike.........

    But seriously folks. A DBT is designed to measure audible differences between components by attempting to eliminate psychological biases as much as possible. The objective is to rely on the ears of the listener. The point of a DBT test is not to decide which SUT (system under test) is better...
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    All amplifiers sound alike.........

    My girlfriend is hotter than your girlfriend
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    denon 4802, 4802R - differences? remotes?

    A garden variety Pronto can be had for well under $300. The older TSU 1000 can be had (I understand) for around $150. The TSU 3000 (which is preferable to the 1000 or the TSU 2000) can be had for $265. Any model of Pronto is superior to the Aktis.
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    denon 4802, 4802R - differences? remotes?

    Trust me, you don't want the Aktis remote. Both the Aktis which comes with the 4802 (I own one) and the newer remote which comes with the 4802R and the 3803 are less than happy clickers. The Aktis requires lots of paging to operate the amp and the RC-921 is of the "lots of little buttons all the...
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    Are all DVD players equal in the department of putting digital sound to a receiver??

    There should be no differences between players as long as you are talking about a DD/DTS bitstream. I am of the opinion that there really is no difference when handling a PCM stream either, but there are many who will argue that there are "huge" differences between different players used as...
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    Warning: I am addicted, you could be next! Longish.

    Support group!? You're all really just a bunch on enablers!
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    Are Acoustic Research brand cables good enough for a $600 HT setup?

    In fact, I don't care if you've spent $6000 or $60000 on your system: AR cables will be just fine and you wouldn't be able to hear a single difference if you buy the silly expensive mega-mega buck cables. Just avoid pack-ins.