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    "TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Season 2 Thread

    Did anybody else see this broadcast in a black letterbox on all four sides? It was still approximately 16x9 format, but it had a big annoying border all the way around it. Really bad idea. Anybody know anything about it? For reference, I am watching on Directv with a Pioneer Kuro plasma. JK
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    Do you remember...?

    Lots of great memories here, guys! I totally forgot about the Panasonic A110. Oh how we coveted that player when it came out. Wonder what they go for these days...? (-: JK
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    Do you remember...?

    Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I logged on here at the HTF, and my have we grown! I joined in 1997, and have some great memories of this place! DO you remember: -Buying that first Toshiba DVD player for $599? -The title of your first DVD? -When HTF had one forum? And...
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    Xbox hard drive-anyone come close to filling it?

    I still have 50,000+ blocks, had mine and een playing furiously since launch day... JK
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    ***Official Halo 2 Discussion Thread***

    Evan, JKThanks for the summary. Who/What is Gravemind? I can't believe I finished the game and still don't know this. I guess by the end I was just runnin' and gunnin'. It did look like a betrayal on Cortana's part. But didn't I just kill that thing she was with? Tantarus(sp)?
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    ***Official Halo 2 Discussion Thread***

    I guess I am thick-headed, I couldn't follow the storyline all that well. Maybe somebody can answer some questions for me: Can someone explain the big 'cliffhanger' ending? That the other rings can be detonated by remote? Why is that an ending wothy of so much praise? Or are they talking...
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    Anyone been scammed by a single Russian Woman?

    I have spent a lot of time in Russia, and quite a few of the former soviet states, mostly in Moscow, Minsk, and Kiev. Chris in his post above is correct. There are a lot of women in these countries looking for American men. There are a ton of beautiful young women there, and they are not shy...
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    Thinking about going back to a pro amp.

    That's why you need to get pro studio monitors to match your QSC! Over here I have JBL studio monitors (older ones that kick ass, before they got bought by Jensen), and JBL pro subs, all driven by sweet QSC power.
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    AirTunes - music without wires

    Yep, it is tricky to set up in Windows. The Setup Assistant doesn't work in Win2K, so if this is your OS, you are in for an adventure. Finally got it setup on my ither (XP) machine, but it is not wireless, so I had to connect it directly via Cat5e. Then I took it to it's final resting place by...
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    Upgrade lenses?

    Have you considered upgrading to Canon glass? You probably don't see much difference between your 28-80 and the Sigma lenses, but once you move into Canon's mid-range lenses from the so-called "kit" lenses (like the 28-80 that they sell with the body) you really start to see a difference in...
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    $2500 to pre-wire house, worth it?

    I did all the wiring in our house before the drywall went up. It is not hard if you are keeping it simple. In addition, if you roll that $2500 into your 30-year mortgage, it ends up costing more like 10K for a day's work and a couple hundred feet of lamp cable in your walls. JK
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    Photography dilemma

    Yeah, that's right, a nice 50mm becomes a great value with the DSLR focal length conversion factors! I am waiting until the factor becomes 1:1 before I get a real nice DSLR, but I am starting to question that strategy... JK
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    Anyone have any experience with Nikon scanners?

    I have used Nikon film scanners, and have been pleased with the results. It takes some time to get it right, and dust control is always preferable to ICE. My Nikon gave out after a few thousand passes, but I am considering another one, so I guess I got my money's worth. There is third party...
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    Photography dilemma

    Lots of good advice in this thread, the most important being that it is not your professional photographer's equipment that makes him a good photographer. In my experience, 90% of portraiture is three things: repoire with your subject, lighting, and composition. If you are photographing...
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    Anyone have pics of the Carribbean, or any beautiful beach?

    Let me know if you want higher res versions of any of these. JK