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    Songs with a long, repetitive ending?

    I love that version. :emoji_thumbsup: Early King Crimson were good at this sort of thing too but a track name escapes me at the moment.
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    Concerts You've Seen That Will Never Be Seen Again

    Humble Pie SRV Genesis Angel Yes (w/Rabin & Kaye) B.B. King (Before he needed use of a chair on stage. Still a great show however.)
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    Celebrity Sightings

    A few years back, my wife & I traveled to see Todd Rundgren. I have listened to Todd for years & this was going to be the 1st time I saw him live. When we checked in at our hotel close to the performance hall, Todd was at the desk with his tour manager making a complaint about the network...
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    Help needed with Paypal buyers Function

    Just guessing but you may need to include your business name (e-mail address) as a Hidden Input Field within each buy now form. Like it is added in your View Cart form.
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    CF vs Microdrive

    I considered microdrives when I got my Canon 10D. I ruled them out for a few reasons. 1. Moving parts fail. 2. Moving parts die when you drop them. 3. Moving parts need more battery power. 4. Moving parts are slower than memory chips. (consider your PC's memory vs. accessing the HD)...
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    Todd Rundgren: Help a true star out

    Producer alone, just off the top of my head. Patti Smith Cheap Trick Psychedelic Furs Hall & Oats XTC (Skylarking) Grand Funk Railroad (Were an American Band) The Tubes (Love Bomb) Paul Shaffer Oh. yeah and Bat Out Of Hell. (sold 26 million copies worldwide) TR Firsts On...
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    Good Photoshop Books?

    You did not say which version of Photoshop but if it's CS try: The Photoshop CS Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby Photoshop CS Down & Dirty Tricks by Scott Kelby Scott Kelby is the Editor-in-Chief of Photoshop User Magazine The official publication of The National...
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    Todd Rundgren: Help a true star out

    If its not to much to ask. Induct Todd Rundgren into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame A pioneer in combining music with both video and interactive technology, Todd Rundgren may be pop's ultimate hyphenate: a singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist-producer-videoographer-software...
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    Any Webb Wilder fans out there?

    I have doo-dad, Hybrid Vigor & It came from Nashville. Of the three I favor Hybrid Vigor the most. You may have missed it, but the site has mp3 samples of all the tracks on each cd.
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    Movies that are too weird for their own good.

    I love seeking out non-main stream movies heres a short list. Movies that some would consider strange: Boxing Helena Crash Man Bites Dog Doom Generation Le Dernier Combat (Final Combat) Mirror Come & See Russian Ark Solaris (Tarkovsky's version not the Soderbergh crap) The Book of...
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    Joni Mitchell- Shadows and Light

    Had the DVD for a month or so now, haven't had the album in years, but if memory serves it's from the same show. Yes Mike it is worth it for Jaco alone. His solo had me smiling from ear to ear the 1st time I watched it. It's way too short though, but hey I played bass for years so I might be...
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    What Bands/Solo Artists have you seen live? :)

    In no order: Todd Rundgren (Staying at the same hotel before the show, checked in at the same time, chatted during check in & rode the elevator together. One super nice guy.) Humble Pie ZZ Top Yes Angel Mother's Finest Genesis Marshall Tucker Peter Frampton Kiss Tina Turner Royston...
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    Extending Linksys wireless range?

    Ron, as Rob.M.G. said you have two choices, if you decide to go with better antenna, try here HyperLink Technologies HyperLink sells Indoor, Outdoor, Amplified, Directional, Omni Directional Antenna, you name it. I will be starting a project this month providing wireless internet access to a...