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  1. John Gates

    speaker packadges

    Klipsch tweeters hurt my ears. I can listen for about 10 minutes and then it starts to bore into my skull. LOL. Don't trust what you read on the forums... trust your own ears. Do you like laid back and smooth (silk tweeters), or brite and shiny (metal or horns)? Listen to some stuff...
  2. John Gates

    Help me decide what size sub, please

    Both the SVS and HSU are fine choices. You'd be proud to own either of these, and then when you want more, you can upgrade later. And you will want more... Bwahahaaaaa
  3. John Gates

    Wood vs plastic vs in ceiling

    What is your budget? Sounds like placement room or size is an issue. How big is your room? Generally, I don't like inwall speakers, and I think in ceiling speakers are terrible for imaging. I would recommend something mid to small bookshelves hung with wall mounts over in-walls (most of...
  4. John Gates

    Droning subwoofers.

    What kinds of subs are you listening to? Models? What kinds of room conditions? Downfiring or front firing? If the subs are decent, try this: Auralex SubDude | Sweetwater.com I have not tried one myself, but I have read positive reviews. Worth checking out.
  5. John Gates

    Boxy sound from centre speaker

    LOL! Don't like boxy speakers? Try this for a center: nOrh 4 The most un-boxlike speaker on the planet. And they sound great too. :-)
  6. John Gates

    Runco Projector

    Yes, what you say is true, Gregg. I certainly respect this point of view. But I would also suggest that in the last couple of years since 720P was state of the art, black levels and contrast have (generally) greatly advanced. So, IMO, there is more than just a resolution advantage in *some* of...
  7. John Gates

    Runco Projector

    Hi Dirk, Well, I wouldn't personally pay any more than $1000 for anything at 720P these days. If you want to go with 1080P in that price range, I would recommend: Epson 1080UB ~$3000 - These have had a few quality problems Sony VW40 ~$2700 Sony VW60 ~4000 JVC RS-1 ~$4500 Other brands...
  8. John Gates

    Why not home-theater-in-a-box?

    I would say that if you're a convenience shopper, then HTIB could be an excellent option that would scratch that convenience itch. But if you are a value shopper or a performance shopper, by being selective you can get better value buying components individually. Most of the folks around...
  9. John Gates

    Need Help Deciding on A Sub issue

    It could be either situation (damaged or simply pushed past its limits). one thing you can try... play the scene where you hear the noise. If you have gain control on the amplifier, replay the scene but with lower gain. Repeat until you don't get the offending sound. If the sound reproduces at...
  10. John Gates

    Need Help Deciding on A Sub issue

    Wow, Dennis... Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your Sub. Those little Sonys are actually pretty good for the $$. Sounds like the driver is having problems (maybe bottoming out, maybe damaged). Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in on symptoms. As far as bang per buck...
  11. John Gates

    Speakers are Ugly!

    These don't get much press anymore, but they sound TERRIFIC and some (my wife included) swear they are more works of visual art than speakers. Norh Loudspeaker and high-end audio manufacturer They come in hardwood, ceramic, or (yes) real marble, and they are even affordable. Did I say...
  12. John Gates

    Harmony 880 Remote for $99.99

    Dang, sounds like a very nice deal, but after reading the reviews at Amazon, I'm not so sure. Is the charging cradle really that bad??
  13. John Gates

    ART 351 EQ

    HI Folks! How on e-bay here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MESE:IT&ih=009 Auction ends TODAY! John
  14. John Gates

    ART 351 EQ

    Hi everyone! I'm temporarily dismantling my home theater as I prepare for a big move. Up for sale is a very mildly used ART 315 EQ. Extremely helpful for taming those bass peaks and valleys in your home theater. This unit was just pulled from my rack, it's used but in like-new...
  15. John Gates

    Donation Needed: PJ for Costa Rican Mission

    UPDATE: One hour after posting this, I got a reply from an HTF member who has generously offered his old PJ for the mission. I am continually amazed by the generosity of the people here. My thanks to Charles Mix for the donation. John