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    Tweeter Gone 6 Weeks...Thanks Paradigm!!

    Alan, Sorry to hear of the bad service from Paradigm. I own Studio Series speakers all around in my HT but I have never had to deal with them on any repair issues. I have contacted them by e-mail with questions on other issues however; and I found them to be a little slow and uninterested in...
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    Need Help With My New Svs Sub And To Praise Svs For The Help Too

    Tim, Have you calibrated your system using Avia or some other setup disk? I would highly recommend doing that. And if you still find the LFE to be lacking, try running your SVS about 3-5db hot. Just be careful when playing back at reference levels. By the way, the reason you may not be...
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    Paradigm Studio tweeter question

    Chris, If these are new speakers then I would take them back to your dealer and have them swapped out or at least have the tweeter swapped out. I believe this to be a pretty common condition of dome tweeters. Next time you're in a dealer demo room take a look at all the demo speakers and...
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    Paradigm Studio ADP Surrounds

    Ron, I got mine this year for $720. A very good deal if I may say so.:) When I bought them I was wondering if they would be overkill for my system but they sound great and I have no regrets. Be warned though. They are BIG! -John
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    SVS & HTF Thank You

    "because I can build a better one" Craig- I don't doubt it. And I'm envious of all you DIY guys. I wish I was confident enough to go that route. But for the rest of us, it's hard to beat the product, price and service of SVS. Regards, -John
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    SVS & HTF Thank You

    Having just received a 2039PC Plus a couple of weeks ago I can totally appreciate what you're saying. I think these guys are fantastic as far as Customer Service. And having such an incredible product doesn't hurt either. After owning an SVS product you can't help but wonder why every HT...
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    Give your opinion!

    I haven't had the pleasure of hearing the Dreamcatcher system but it just got a dynamite review in the latest issue of Home Theater magazine. The article said that the system sounded better than some systems costing several times its price. The one component of the system that they weren't so...
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    Paradigm vs. B&W vs. Polk

    Part of the reason I didn't audition the Polks was that their dealer network is so sparse (at least where I live)that I really had very few places where I could go to hear them. I know that they want their LSi line to be somewhat exclusive but sheesh! I'm starting to wonder if they really exist!
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    Paradigm vs. B&W vs. Polk

    John, As others have said, you would do well to consider going up to the Paradigm Studio line rather than the Monitor line for your comparisons against B&W and Polk. I will share with you what I was told by a large local dealer that sells Paradigm Reference, B&W and other high quality...
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    suggestions for a good powered rear surround?

    Drexel, Powered speakers are somewhat rare. Powered Surround Speakers are all but nonexistent. Paradigm used to offer some powered speakers in their Reference line(Active 40's) which were supposed to be fantastic but they are now discontinued. I don't think there are any real inexpensive...
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    Klipsch RSW 10 or SVS

    I just took the plunge a coule weeks ago and received my SVS 2039PC+ last week. Judging by SVS's product and their incredible customer service I don't see how you could be disappointed. Plus, the only thing you have to risk is the (very reasonable) freight charges.
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    Best sub $1500 Full 6 speaker setup

    Oops. Just re-read the title of your post! I saw sub in the title and thought you were looking for a sub! My bad!!:b
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    Best sub $1500 Full 6 speaker setup

    James, You should end up with a GREAT sub at that price. I highly recommend contacting SVS to ask them which of their subs would be suitable for your system. For $1,500 you could get 2 SVS 2039PC+ Subs. I just got one and it's incredible. Cannot recommend highly enough!! Aside from SVS...
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    surrounds for my C2s & AC300

    I wouldn't worry too much about timbre matching surrounds. I doubt that you would hear any adverse effect of using surrounds with different tweeters than your front 3. Why not check out the Energy C-1's from the new Connoiseur line. I bought some for $269 last year and I think they sound great.
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    Best center channel for $300??

    Adam, I can't compare anything to the Infinity's you have because I have not heard them. If they are the Infinity line that you see in CC or Best Buy, then I would say that something like the Paradigm Monitor series would be a pretty good step up. A pair of Paradigm Monitor 7's and a CC-370...