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    Can you help me name these Buster Keaton movies?

    Yes, it is from Sherlock, Jr.
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    To see Arlington Road or Lynch’s Lost Highway?

    Here is what Lost Highway is about. Fred Madison kills his wife. He goes into a mental fugue state to forget what he has done (scenes with him and his wife Renee). His conscience keeps reminding him of what he has done (video tapes) until he remembers. He then comes back to reality while...
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    What do you do when people talk in a movie?

    I've experienced it all. Seat kicking, someone coughing, people talking to each other, on cellphones, etc... If I'm by myself, I'll tell them to shut the fuck up or throw ice at them. I'm serious. I've actually thrown ice at people. If I'm with someone that might get embarrassed from me...
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    Please help me name and find this movie

    Thanks for the info. That has been driving me crazy for a long time. I forgot that Lee Van Cleef was in it.
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    Please help me name and find this movie

    Hi all. This is going to sound really dumb, but I swear I saw this movie when I was a kid at a drive-in showing a kung-fu triple feature. The movie is from the 70's and was about a chinese guy and a cowboy. It began and ended with them breaking out of jail by way of a dynamite explosion. The...
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    Got some good foreign film suggestions for the uninitiated?

    Don't forget Pedro Almodovar's "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown".
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    Film Greats: Lasse Hallstrom’s ‘My Life As A Dog’ (1985)

    I saw this movie back in 1990 while in college. I always thought it was a very endearing coming of age film. I'll have to watch it again to be more specific, but I for one did truly enjoy it. Would it make my list of all time foreign films? Probably not, but it is a lot better than most...
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    AFI’s Top 100 Films List Forum Challenge (Part 3)

    I saw four more movies. The Philadelphia Story ** out of **** I didn't care for this movie that much. It had its funny moments, but as a romantic comedy it wasn't that romantic or funny. Why should I care about a couple of spoiled rich people? Katherine Hepburn was a lot better in movies...
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    Tarantino's next film "Kill Bill" is on hold...

    I'm glad he decided to wait for Uma. Aint-It-Cool-News had posted he would recast with Lucy Liu.
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    Marilyn Manson enchanced CD

    I had the same problem. The file would not open.
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    So What, NO "Six Feet Under" Show #11, "The Trip" Review Post Yet?

    I posted this on the Yahoo Club for SFU earlier. I used to be a supervisor of a housekeeping dept. in a hospital. We had to help clean the morgue after a body was examined. I have seen a lot of dead bodies. I even saw a man missing half of his head. The only time I would not help out was...
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    Twin Peaks on DVD!!

    I don't think you can pre-order yet. There were two seasons of Twin Peaks that aired - 29 episodes total. Artisan will probably wait to see how the first season sells then decide if they want to release the second season.
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    FOX - Take a ride, if you dare...release TERROR TRAIN on DVD

    ALL ABOARD!!! Here's my ticket for the TERROR TRAIN. Please release it in all its uncut glory.
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    Twin Peaks on DVD!!

    www.twinpeaksgazette.com and www.DVDFile.com has info on the first season of Twin Peaks being released on DVD Region 1 on 12/4/01. It's about freaking time. Now if only WB would release the pilot and New Line would release Fire Walk With Me WITH the deleted scenes, the world would be a...
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    WARNER - Stephen King's IT DVD Petition

    Come on Warner Bros., release IT. Also, release Twin Peaks. I hate that I had to buy a copy from Hong Kong with no special features. Get on the ball with these two titles.