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    Smallville - Season 7 thread

    Wow this was a terrible episode. As usual, everything was rushed. Brainiac got "sick" from Chloe then went out way to easy. The Jimmy/Lex stuff was so retarded, wa i can't lie gimme a break! Lets see, all these years with Clark and Lex built up to.....that! The dialog and emotion in...
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    FS: NSMB,Metroid,Ultimate Spiderman for DS

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    WTB: Original Xbox

    Title says it all guys. Looking to buy a Xbox that still is in working condition. Let me know your final shipped price.
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    Energy Encore Center Channel

    Perfect condition, original owner, smoke free house. Selling for $99. I have pictures upon request. Email me with any questions at Link here: http://www.avguide.com/speakers/cent...core_1/283.jsp
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    DVI/HDMI Switcher for $25 shipped!

    Ah nuts beat me too it :)
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    DVI/HDMI Switcher for $25 shipped!

    Dorian can you shoot me a link or two. I'd like to read up on it.
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    XBOX 360 Core

    Bump again! $375 + shipping
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    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Sold thanks guys.
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    XBOX 360 Core

    Bump! Price lowered to $400 + shipping.
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    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Still available. A few are interested but no firm commitment yet.
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    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Still available....