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    Doorbell Signaler

    radio shack used to carry something like that for deaf people.
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    q/a about cd players. should i buy a 300 disc, 5 disc, or stay with my dvd player

    check out e-bay if you want to take a risk. i bought 2 changers so far, both pioneer, one 100 cd & the other a 25. both are working fine so far. i also have my original pioneer 100 cd player, bought new, many years ago and that works great too. occasionally e-bay has a 300/301 cd changer.
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    Just bought A SPL meter...

    it's my understanding that the sub should be set at 0 and to do adjustments at the sub itself. did you use a tune up dvd or the receiver's test tones? if not, i suggest a tune up dvd would be the ticket. it will help your sound as much as the spl meter did.
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    Onkyo 494 : Crossover settings.

    i have the 484 and could not find the crossover points either, and i searched quite a bit! i'm going with the assumption that it's set at 80.
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    Onkyo vs. Jbl?

    i've read on several forums about owners taking the backs off of their onkyo speakers and they are stamped polk.
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    Onkyo vs. Jbl?

    the onkyo speakers are made by polk audio.
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    dvd player help

    my buddy has a toshiba sd 2710 dvd player (same as mine). he had a power surge and the unit will no longer play. the local fix it shop says the 'surge protection unit' needs to be reset.( for $60.) any one know how to reset it? any help will be appreciated!
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    Kenwood, Emerson, Denon

    the speakers are canadian made by the same company thats makes energy speakers. they get good reviews.
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    DIY Riser questions for HT

    mine is about 8 inches high, with a 5/8 sheet of plywood for the top. it is cross braced for ridgidity.
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    Newbie question on how to treat room acoustics cheaply

    i have a 10x12 room that i have 'treated' accordingly; the wall where the tv is has heavy curtains on both sides of the tv and also above the tv, in essence a wall of drapes. facing the tv on my right is a window that is covered with a blind and also heavy drapes. (all drapes are red and look...
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    Paradigm Subwoofers

    they enjoy an excellent reputation by most. don't forget to take into account the size of your room. a smaller room can manage with a smaller sub.
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    Volume Knob Problem

    try some canned air & contact cleaner, worked for my onkyo.
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    PSB Subsonic 7 - any experience?

    i have a subsonic 5 in a smaller room (10x12) and it does the job well. psb do seem to be a dark horse and much under appreciated as far as subs go. but i have no complaints!
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    NEED HELP w/ Viewing Distance viewing calculator here.