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    Our Moderator Robert Fowkes passed away last Friday, Sept 30, 2011

    Glad the login still worked!! I decided to pop by today after a VERY long absence, and this is the first thing I saw. It's weird how you can remember certain names and certain people from places that were once a part of your early internet life! Robert Fowkes is one of those names for me. Rest...
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    Black Dynamite

    Black Dynamite Following in the footsteps of films like "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka", "Black Dynamite" is a spoof on the "Blaxploitation" films of the 70's, but in my opinion, looks a lot more authentic and interesting. On a podcast I do, my co-host and I were discussing how we felt that the...
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    Justice Dept. approves XM/Sirius Merger!

    Am I alone in thinking that Satellite Radio is already a dinosaur? There are other, more impressive and FREE ways to get this kind of entertainment now. Sure things were different when it first hit the scene, but other than the sports packages, or if you're some sort of die-hard Stern or O&A...
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    Christmas Songs

    Dominic The Donkey Dominic The Donkey
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    Poor Rick Astley

    Actually, I'd love it if Astley just started "Rick Rolling" live events himself. Well....I might love it a couple times, then I would be way too cool for the room about it.
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    Guns 'N' Roses Chinese Democracy Nov 23 & a free Dr Pepper

    I heard all of Chinese Democracy, and I have to admit, it's pretty solid. I really wanted it to be terrible, because I can't stand the way people still treat this band as if it's something amazing, when if you break it down, they released ONE great disc in the span of about a quarter of a...
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    Metallica "Death Magnetic" out today (9/12)!!!

    Can I Play With Madness has quite a bit of success, if I recall correctly. I remember it actually making the MTV countdown. But that said, I agree with you. I was never a Priest fan, but they had much more success here than Maiden as far as mainstream goes.
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    Metallica "Death Magnetic" out today (9/12)!!!

    Gotta go with the guys who like the disc. I think it's rock solid. Here's what I wrote on my blog back when it was released. "Yes, as a matter of fact I AM aware of what I said before. I was wrong. See how easy that is? You people should try it more often...but that's why I'm a better...
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    Lost Boys the Tribe, sequal

    Now that others have seen it, here's my review that I wrote at my blog a few weeks ago which I previously mentioned here. You know what? I give up. Seriously, I'm not even going to expect people to try anymore...why should they? There is absolutely no incentive for Hollywood to put out...
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    $30US Titles Are Killing HDM's Chances!

    Agree 100%. Most people I talk to simply don't see the difference in picture quality. YES, we all know it's there...but to the majority of people out there, it's just not noticeable enough to merit a player purchase, let alone spend double on software in some cases. This isn't like the jump...
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    Lost Boys the Tribe, sequal

    Actually after reading your post, I just shot over there. Most are echoing my sentiments....but, I found that there's apparently also an alternate ending on the DVD to the one I saw...which quite frankly from what I read, wouldn't make anything any better.
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    Lost Boys the Tribe, sequal

    Thanks, and yeah, it's really sad when it's glaringly obvious that little to no effort was put in to a film. And if Haim is really the monkey wrench that was thrown in to this production, I would have rather it been shelved than to have this presented as a "sequel" to one of my favorite 80's...
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    Lost Boys the Tribe, sequal

    Don't know what the differences are, but the version I saw had some lesbian make-out scenes and graphic violence. This is NOT The Lost Boys of the 80's in many ways, and in my opinion an incredible disappointment. I have a full spoiler ridden review on my blog.