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    A new, amazing, thorough and hilarious critique of The Phantom Menace

    Thanks for the link, the review was both spot on and hilarious. The prequels could have been epic, instead they were epic fail.
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    AVG Anti-Virus: update glitch?

    Like others here, I switched to Avast. I could never download any updates from the AVG free server. Unfortunately the free server is the only server that AVG allows you to download updates from.
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    *** Official ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO Review Thread

    Very funny movie, the wife and I laughed all throughout the film. Grade: A
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    A Song of Ice & Fire Discussion

    I keep telling myself I should only read finished series. Maybe Dance will come out in 09.
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    Dark City Director's Cut in 2006

    I just watched this tonight and I have to agree. The director's cut is not nearly as tight and suspenseful as the original film. The entire experience felt clumsy. The only addition/subtraction that worked was the removal of the opening voice over, everything else is superior in the...
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    Anyone have a Consumer Reports Subscription??

    Engine Oil Filter Study Engine Oil Filters This is a nice little study that looks at all sorts of filters. I typically use Wix filters for my oil, air, and transmission needs.
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    2008 Summer Olympics - Beijing, China

    I know a lot of wrestling fans, myself included, are not very happy with the current rules set by FILA, to much is decided on coin flips, last person to score, etc.
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    Books you've read in 2008

    I finished the rest of The Black Company series by Glen Cook, consisting of Shadow Games, Dreams of Steel, The Silver Spike, Bleak Seasons, She is the Darkness, Water Sleeps, and Soldiers Live. Great great series, I can't say enough about The Black Company books. The ending to Soldiers Live...
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    Books you've read in 2008

    I also ordered Toll the Hounds from the UK, but it will ship next month along with Return of the Crimson Guard. Two Malazan books in two months, pretty nice. I've been reading Glen Cook's Books of the South, so far, so good. The Black Company is a great series so far.
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    Books you've read in 2008

    Going Postal by Terry Pratchett is the story of how one criminal is given a chance to redeem himself by taking over the dilapidated post office system. This was my first Pratchett book and I must say it was darn impressive. The book was more entertaining and amusing than laugh out loud funny...
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    The Hobbit (merged thread)

    If anyone deserves to receive the money generated from LOTR and other Tolkien sales it should be Christopher. Christopher has done Tolkien fans a great service over the years by treating his fathers work with utmost respect.
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    Books you've read in 2008

    The White Rose by Glen Cook. Wonderful book, not as good as Shadows Linger, but still very intense. The Cruel Wind omnibus by Glen Cook, contains the first 3 Dread Empire novels. I am lukewarm on this one, it feels like a 1000 page story crammed into 600 pages. Cook's choppy style which...
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    Let's talk Beer

    I am currently drinking North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner and Pilsner Urquell. I love Pilsner Urquell, it has such a distinct hop aroma and taste. Scrimshaw is okay. I went to a far away brew store (:frowning: on being far away) and picked out: Paulaner Celebrator Doppelbock Spaten Optimator...
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    Blue Jeans lays a smackdown on Monster Cable

    Thanks for the link, that article rules. Shame on Monster.
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    Books you've read in 2008

    Shadows Linger by Glen Cook. Book 2 in the Black Company series. Wow. The Black Company was a great book, fast, fun, tense. But Shadows Linger blows it out of the water in intensity, characterization, and thrills. About the only thing in The Black Company that was better in The Black...