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    JOURNEY BACK TO OZ: In dire need of reissue

    For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about, here is an excerpt from a blog I did two years ago on this subject...   "...did you know there was a sequel made to the film that put Judy Garland on the map? "Journey Back To Oz", a production of the legendary Filmation animated...
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    JOURNEY BACK TO OZ: In dire need of reissue

    I don't know whether or not this belongs in an animated form, but it is worth mentioning here...most of you know the fate of the Filmation animated library over the years and how the successive owners have treated it. Classic Media is now the owner of this library, and part of it is the highly...
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    Now One of My Dreams Has Come True: The Mothers-in-Law on DVD!

    Thanks, man. Now we know the legal fate of this great series. The Wikipedia article will be updated accordingly.
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    Now One of My Dreams Has Come True: The Mothers-in-Law on DVD!

    Well, since no one, especially reviewer Rob, will tell me, I had to use logic and research and updated the Wikipedia entry on this show and hopefully the issue of rights will be settled for all of you. If I'm wrong, let me know.
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    Now One of My Dreams Has Come True: The Mothers-in-Law on DVD!

    If anyone has an early copy of this DVD, can anyone tell me who the copyright holder on the show is, and the companies involved?
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    Robert Harris on The Bits: The Alamo

    Maybe Robert Harris meant the actual roadshow version as in including the original Todd AO credits since all 70MM Todd AO prints of Todd AO films have this credit.
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    Robert Harris on The Bits: The Alamo

    March 2010 has almost come and gone...and, unfortunately, no restored "Alamo". Could this have something to do with the vicarious state of MGM, or was certainly not enough money to rescue this film from oblivion? One thing's for sure...the only extant version of the roadshow cut remains only...
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    WB/Shout....what's next?

    I think there is one factor in the delay of The FBI. Remember, you have two entities involved in this one, QM Productions and WBTV. The Martin estate has some claim to this, but you also have to remember that CBS bought a majority of the QM library, so obviously issues would have to be cleared...
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    It's a mad mad mad mad world

    Well, considering the state MGM/UA is in right now, it is quite possible the remaining 1.3 million will be raised by someone...maybe Scorcese's FilmFoundation, or UA majority holder Tom Cruise. But time is of the essence. By the end of this year, the roadshow Alamo could go the way of the...
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    Should I buy Little House on the Prairie?

    Well, I don't think we should take Lionsgate to task on this one. It's actually NBC Universal--Lionsgate just holds the license from ImaVision, and in turn from NBC Universal. A disclaimer on the liner notes says that every effort was made to include what was available to be seen on the DVDs...
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    Around The World In 80 Days (1956)

    I personally wrote the Wikipedia section in question, which no doubt will be corrected by me at some point this week to make it make a little more sense. But after reading all of the posts on this film, it is safe to say that WB is to be commended for at least restoring SOME version of the...
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    Ridley Scott's Legend on Blu Ray?

    Seamless branching on "Legend" for Blu-Ray might be impossible, simply because the two versions have two different scores (Goldsmith and TD), and therefore, two differently mixed soundtracks. Probably the best thing here for the sake of quality is to make it a 2 disc release, with one version...
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    Now One of My Dreams Has Come True: The Mothers-in-Law on DVD!

    Isn't "Mothers-In-Law" public domain? I thought MGM (UA's sister company) had control of this...did they lose it or something? Oh, and the successor-in-interest is called Desilu, Too (honest, that's the company's name!)
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    Star Wars Saga DVDs

    Frankly I would not mind having the original versions on blu-ray at all, just as long as they are done right and restored at least to a level of hi-def. Sure, Lucas thinks the current SEs are the definitive and to-canon editions, but let's not pick on George and all the folks that worked hard...
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    Original Alien score =

    I almost bought the most recent issue of the Alien DVD with the intended isolated score, but since I now have the Intrada CD issue of this same intended score...but I would not mind a blu ray containing this isolated score at all, warts and all. I don't care if it doesn't match the film, but...